Economics at VSB is a community of scholars with a reputation for competitive, diverse, and socially-responsible academic programs and cutting-edge research. Economics faculty are frequently invited by the media to share their expertise and insights on current events. The department is also known for its international faculty and global curricular focus.

Applied Curriculum

Our Economics faculty designed the sequence of the undergraduate micro- and macro-economic curriculum to mirror the standard schedule of release dates for national economic data. This adaptation not only adds a new dimension of excitement and materiality to the coursework, but it allows faculty to seamlessly integrate textbook learning and real-world data.

Faculty members regularly consult with business community members to ensure that the curriculum is relevant and reflects global business practice. In addition to providing input on the curriculum, corporate partners often serve as guest lecturers. In recent years, VSB has welcomed speakers from companies including Delta Airlines, Accenture, CBRE, Verizon Communications, and Column Financial.


World-Class Degree Programs

Economics at VSB offers a BBA degree and a BA degree with a major or minor in Economics. The BA degree is offered in collaboration with Villanova‚Äôs College of Liberal Arts & Sciences.

Economics courses at VSB prepare students to think critically in almost every enterprise. This program addresses how individuals and firms make decisions in a world of scarcity and uncertainty while also presenting opportunities to learn how to analyze the performance and interaction of national economies.



The Economics faculty at VSB publish in journals including the Journal of Monetary Economics, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, European Economic Review, International Economic Review, and The Review of Economics and Statistics.

Erasmus Kersting
Chair, Economics

Research & Expertise

Cable & Telecommunications
Capital Budgeting
Development Economics
Economic Strategy
Economics of Entertainment
Employment Issues
Gender Wage Gap
International Economics
Labor Economics
Labor Markets
Municipal Finance
Political Economy
The Federal Reserve
Urban Renewal
Women in the Workplace