How did Villanova’s MSF program prepare you for your career?

The MSF Program at Villanova University prepared me for my career by providing an extensive and supportive alumni network to help strengthen my professional network and serve as mentors upon leaving school. It also prepared me by providing in-depth instruction and curriculum that translated to practical application outside the classroom.

Are there specific instructors/courses that had a critical impact?

I thoroughly enjoyed the Fundamentals of Financial Statements class with Robert West, PhD [assistant professor, Accounting & Information Systems] and the Fixed Income Markets class with Paul Hanouna, PhD [associate professor, Finance & Real Estate]. Both professors are dedicated to their subject material and the students they teach. I found myself excited to learn every day and appreciated that both professors demanded a great deal from us, the students, to better understand and demonstrate what we were learning! 

How did your experience as part of a student cohort add value to your growth as a finance professional?

As part of a student cohort, you are forced to socialize and work with others to solve problems and complete projects. This is no different than any profession in finance and my experience in the cohort provided me the ability to work well with internal teams in my firm as well as clients we serve.

What was your favorite experience during the program?

Throughout my time in the MSF program, I enjoyed getting to make new friends and connections with my classmates, my professors and the greater Villanova alumni community. To this day, we still stay in touch and it’s these people that make Villanova so great!

Nicholas B. Felix