How did Villanova’s MSF program prepare you for your career?

Villanova’s MSF program not only taught me foundational and technical skills in the disciplines of finance, but it exposed me to faculty and mentors that helped shape my future career path and development as a professional.

Are there specific instructors/courses that had a critical impact?

Some of the most pivotal professors I had the honor to learn from include Jerome Heppelmann [business fellow, Finance & Real Estate]; Paul Hanouna, PhD [associate professor, Finance & Real Estate]; Robert West, PhD [assistant professor, Accounting & Information Systems]; and Rabih Moussawi, PhD [associate professor, Finance & Real Estate]. All these instructors had a way of making learning pragmatic and engaging in a way that heightened my academic understanding. I can’t say enough great things about these instructors.

How did your experience as part of a student cohort add value to your growth as a finance professional?

I attended the MSF program in a hybrid year, so we didn’t get as much in-person cohort experience as I would’ve liked; however, that never stopped us from bonding as classmates and friends. I still speak to many of my cohort members and love watching them succeed post-graduation. The community aspect, as it does anywhere, made all the difference.

What was your favorite experience during the program?

My favorite experience was simply the connections and friendships made along the way. I was blessed with a wonderful and generous alumna mentor, got to take a breadth of interesting coursework, and have a handful of people I can now call great friends because of the Villanova MSF program.

Devin Moeller