How did Villanova’s MSF program prepare you for your career?

When I joined the MSF program, I expected to only learn technical skills. I discovered that this program goes beyond teaching technical finance skills to teach you how to excel as a professional through networking, emotional intelligence, negotiation and soft-skill development.

Are there specific instructors/courses that had a critical impact?

The Applied Portfolio Management and Quantitative Financial Analysis courses prepared me to perform financial analysis using two different methods that work together to truly understand a company or a security. I was introduced to new concepts that expanded my knowledge beyond anything I could have learned by myself.

How did your experience as part of a student cohort add value to your growth as a finance professional?

I made life-long friendships with students of the MSF cohort. Learning with a group of dedicated and hard-working students pushed me to study harder and learn more. We all elevated and helped each other when we didn't fully understand new concepts. The teamwork, communication and constant feedback that took place within the cohort helped me develop skills that I use in the workplace. We also helped each other prepare for job interviews, introduced each other to our mentors and even suggested job openings.

What was your favorite experience during the program?

March Madness was the best experience I had during the program. A group of us gathered in one of the students' houses and had conversations about our lives, learned more about each other beyond the classroom and became true friends. We also learned how to celebrate the Villanova spirit and become true Wildcats!

Andres Guevara