MBA Student Supports Pfizer’s Global Manufacturing Efforts During Pandemic and Completes Degree While Isolating in Ireland

Siobhan Carmody 2020 MBA, Vice President of Quality Systems and Compliance at Pfizer, supports the company's global manufacturing and supply chain, which is a significant bridge between drug manufacturers and hospitals during the pandemic. She and her colleagues are focused on maintaining the supply of critical drugs to hospitals and ICUs, and supporting teams that are working to find a vaccine.

In March 2020, she was traveling in Ireland when restrictions on international travel were imposed, and she has been working remotely from Ireland ever since. Despite working remotely and social distancing, Carmody’s colleagues are safely continuing their work in manufacturing and testing medicines. She is engaging with her team in creative ways, while focusing on the critical goal of supplying products to patients, as there have been a significant increase in demand for key drugs. To meet this critical patient demand, her work requires high levels of innovation and engagement within Pfizer, across the pharmaceutical industry and with boards of health.

Carmody commented,

“I am proud that my team at Pfizer is able to support maintenance of critical drug supply to patients. Even with increases in global orders, teams in our global manufacturing operations have responded in creative ways to continue manufacturing and testing operations while social distancing. We understand that the work we do during this pandemic is crucial, and that has led to immense support and focus from within Pfizer and across industry.” 

Originally from Ireland, Carmody is isolating there with her family, balancing her role at Pfizer while working to complete her MBA online. VSB is proud to have students like Carmody who are using their business education to advance public health during the pandemic.