Claire Asmussen ’16 VSB was drawn to the curriculum, professors, and environment of the Villanova School of Business when she decided to transfer from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences as a sophomore. Asmussen knew that VSB would allow her to discover her curiosity in business and innovation, providing her a well-rounded background to later narrow down her career focus. After taking Competitive Effectiveness, Asmussen knew she wanted to major in marketing, reflecting fondly on the hands-on experiences this course afforded her in working on a team and developing a marketing plan. With a minor in international business, VSB also allowed Asmussen to gain global knowledge and experiences, studying abroad in London and working in India post-graduation. 

As a VSB senior, Asmussen hadn’t yet decided on a career path, and went into the career fair with an open mind. After speaking with VSB alumni from Deloitte, Asmussen knew she would be a great fit at Deloitte Digital, a service area at Deloitte that blends business, technology, and design. Asmussen believes that VSB equipped her with the real-world skills she uses each day at Deloitte, such as how to effectively talk to people, collaborating as part of a team, and connecting with clients. Asmussen has been working at Deloitte since graduating from VSB, and is thankful for the solid business foundation VSB provided her. 

One of Asmussen’s favorite VSB memories was working for the Department of Marketing and Communications in Bartley Hall, where she analyzed reports, wrote website articles, and assisted with photoshoots for the VSB magazine. Asmussen also looks back on the challenges she faced at VSB with gratitude, as her more difficult coursework brought her closer to students and professors. She knows that the VSB community will always be behind her, and that these interpersonal connections are invaluable: “I really believe that it’s who you work with, not what you do, that makes your job fulfilling.”

Asmussen’s advice to incoming VSB students is that “the things that are important will stick.” She advises students to explore all the careers available, and to challenge themselves to discover careers they never knew existed. Asmussen believes that VSB equips students with the skills they need for any role, and that by keeping an open mind and connecting with alumni, students will find the career best suited for them.

Claire Asmussen ’16 VSB
“I really believe that it’s who you work with, not what you do, that makes your job fulfilling.”