Emily Brown ’19 VSB credits her Villanova education with empowering her with the tools to solve problems. She cites the Business Activity Model (BAM) in Intermediate Accounting, the Competitive Effectiveness project, and the Bartley BriefCASE Challenge, as examples of activities that honed her problem-solving skills. 

Brown’s team even placed second in the case challenge during her senior year. Best of all, after a full day of collaborating, presenting, and networking, Emily headed to the Wells Fargo Center to support the Men’s Basketball team in true Villanova fashion. 

Emily also participated in the Spring Accounting Internship program, giving her even more real-world experience. She spent eight weeks in Denver, CO working for PwC during her junior year before joining PwC full time after graduation. 

Emily reflects that a VSB education is unique in that it closely simulates real world experiences, making the transition to work life easier. As a deals associate at PwC, Emily has learned a lot on the job, using her Villanova problem solving and research skills to become an expert in her field. 

Villanova offers not just excellent job training, but repeated exposure and networking opportunities for a multitude of companies. Emily took full advantage of formal events like the career fair as well as casual interactions in the Bartley atrium to interact with recruiters. Looking back, she truly appreciates how these opportunities allowed her to become familiar with different companies and get a leg up in the internship/job application process. 

She advises current Villanova students to “take hold of your education. It's all a rehearsal for your career!” 

Emily Brown ’19 VSB

Emily Brown ’19 VSB

“VSB allowed me to collaborate in groups to solve real problems. Learning how to work with a team and solve complex problems is paramount to success in the real world.”