Major Advising Pages (MAPs) are designed to motivate students to frame their study abroad experience from an academic perspective. Through a series of discussions with departmental chairs, MAPs have been created to assist CLAS students in choosing a study abroad program that best fits the goals of their major.

The MAPs are not all-inclusive. If a program is not listed for a specific major, it does not limit eligibility to participate in that program. Students should discuss their specific interests with their OEA adviser for additional guidance on choosing an appropriate program.

Students should review the Study Abroad Requirements and CLAS Policies and Limitations prior to program selection.

  • A maximum of 60 credit hours are transferable towards a Villanova degree including AP, study abroad, and all other transfer credits.
  • Students may not enroll in distance learning courses while abroad.
  • Students must confirm their overseas schedule with their OEA advisor and department chair upon enrollment overseas.
  • Once in country, students may seek additional course approvals in consultation with OEA and their academic advisors. New approvals take time, please plan accordingly.
  • Students must obtain the equivalent of a ā€˜Cā€™ or better in their overseas courses in order for the credit to transfer back to Villanova. Transfer credit will not affect GPA.
  • The following core requirements cannot be completed abroad: ACS1000/1001, ETH2050, PHI1000, THL1000, Sophomore Literature & Writing Seminar (SWS), Core HIS or MSE.
  • The following core requirements can be considered overseas: fine arts, diversity, free electives.
  • Core social science can be considered while overseas though the overseas course fulfills following criteria: have a VU match that also carries a social science attribute, the VU match must be offered during the time at which the student is overseas.
  • Advanced theology can be considered for overseas study as long as it meets the criteria of the Theology and Religious Studies department. THL 6000 will fulfill CLAS core advanced theology; THL 6001 will fulfill a 'free elective.'
  • Language courses not offered at VU, or not meeting language department criteria, may be approved as RLL 1000 which satisfies a free elective.
  • Transfer credits may be used for no more than half the courses required for the degree, no more than half the courses for the major, minor or concentration and no more than half the courses required for the core curriculum.
  • Some CLAS departments further limit the number of study abroad classes that can be applied to the major or minor. Students are responsible for confirming any limitations with their major or minor department.

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