A Humanistic Approach to Medicine

Medical schools are increasingly seeking applicants with a broad, humanistic approach to medical care and who are adept at thinking through emerging questions in medical ethics.  

In this Honors learning community, students considering a career in the medical field will:

  • Engage in sustained critical reflection on the meaning of such concepts as the nature of suffering, health, quality of life, disability, and the purpose of research, in the context of the history of such ideas within fields such as literature, philosophy, religion and politics.
  • Analyze and formulate recommendations for action in situations of actual ethical dilemmas regarding health care.

This community offers a 4-year sequence for students who enter Honors self-identified as pre-medical, pre-health professions in general or pre-bench science.

Villanova University
Garey Hall 106
800 Lancaster Ave.
Villanova, PA 19085