Students at graduation

Honors students carry their education into the world, leaving Villanova equipped with the knowledge, skills and compassion to become leaders in their local communities and to make an impact on the global stage. 



How Our Alumni Succeed

Competitive Scholarships

Recipients of the Fulbright, Rhodes, Marshall and other prestigious grants and fellowships, Honors students and alumni pursue studies, conduct research and engage in teaching all over the world. 

Premier Graduate Schools

Whether interested in law, medicine, business or the humanities, Honors students earn advanced degrees at prestigious graduate institutions.

Rewarding Careers

Honors alumni are rising stars and visionary leaders in a wide range of industries and fields, from finance, information technology and pharma to publishing, government and the nonprofit sector.


The Honors community extends beyond the undergraduate experience at Villanova. Graduates join a global cohort of alumni and faculty who stay connected with the program—and with each other—through enrichment and service opportunities. 


Alumni Mentor Directory

Serve the Honors Program by volunteering to be a mentor to current students. Alumni in all careers are invited to share their experiences with our students.


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Support the Honors Program

Support current and future Honors students through financial donations. Please indicate “Honors Program” or “Honors Student Development Fund” as the recipient of your gift.


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