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About the Program

Grounded in our belief that advancing the common good is an indispensable ingredient of meaningful work, the Vocare Summer Fellows Program encourages students to explore work or study experiences that promote justiceenvironmental, racial, social, economic, etc.

The program offers summer grants up to $5,000 to (1) pursue unpaid summer internships at nonprofit organizations or (2) study in non-traditional countries. This program hopes to help you broaden your horizons, find your callings and expand your imaginations when thinking about your future professional lives.

Application Process

Although applications will be examined on rolling basis, please submit a detailed proposal to the Honors Program by April 15.

The proposal will include:

  • A project or program description
  • An explanation of how this experience will promote justice
  • Rationale for how the program or experience will enhance your educational, professional, or vocational goals
  • Detailed budget for necessary expenses

Students must also submit:

  • Current resume
  • Current unofficial transcript
  • One letter of recommendation from a Villanova University faculty member
Fellowship proposals could include: unpaid internships, summer study abroad programs or another project or opportunity designed by the student.
Student proposals will be based on:
  1. Articulation of the project
  2. Its promotion of justice
  3. Strength of the application materials
  4. Distinctiveness of the opportunity

Austin Glass '22 speaks about his internship experience

This past summer I worked with a local  non-profit called the Joy of Sox. They primarily 
serve people experiencing homelessness  by providing them with socks 
and just generally promoting healthy foot care.
The most exciting part about my  experience was the opportunity to see 
kind of the totality of the non-profit  from donation to actually providing those 
experiencing homelessness with socks.  Because it was a smaller non-profit, 
I had that chance to see it from end to end,  and that was really a great opportunity.
This experience impacted my professional goals. It  confirmed that I want to work in a space where I'm 
kind of leveraging my skills  from my business education 
and my economics understanding in a  way that kind of serves social good, 
working across the private and public sector to  meet the needs of those experiencing homelessness.
The Vocare funding was extremely impactful  for me because it really gave me this chance 
to do this internship. I would not have had kind  of the confidence approaching something like this 
in the non-profit world without knowing that I  was going to have costs covered. It was a really 
great way that I could take that step forward in  my career and kind of professional aspirations. 
Additionally, I do plan on attending law school  down the road. Having funding and kind of being 
sure that I was financially stable doing  this internship was really important to me.

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