Comprising nearly 50 students from all undergraduate colleges at Villanova, the Honors Ambassadors are active and dedicated members of the Honors Program who wish to share their experience with students who are making college decisions and declaring their majors.

Honors Ambassadors are student recruiters for the program who meet with prospective students and their families at various Honors and campus-wide events. They also recruit current Villanova students to the Honors Program.

Honors Ambassadors Events

  • Academic Majors Fair
  • Early Action Candidates’ Day
  • Candidates’ Day
  • Afternoon with Honors
  • Individual Prospective Student Visits



Requirements for Applicants

  • Applicants must demonstrate active participation in the Honors Program (at least one class every three semesters).
  • Applicants must be in good academic standing in the program (at least a 3.33 GPA).
  • Participation in other aspects of the Honors Program is a plus (including Honors Council, Curriculum Committee, Peer Mentors and attendance at social events).
  • Applicants should be comfortable speaking in public to large groups and should be knowledgeable about the Honors Program.
  • Students from all colleges (Arts, Sciences, Business, Engineering and Nursing) are welcome to apply. The number of Honors Ambassadors per college generally reflects the number of students from each college in the Honors Program.
  • All upper-class students may apply. Current first-years must wait until the summer before their sophomore year to apply.


How to Apply

Upperclassmen will be notified via email when applications are being accepted. This typically occures at the end of the Fall semester.  All decision will be made early in the Spring semester. Please email if you have any questions.  

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