Gabriel Calvo '21 CLAS

Tabitha Ciocco '24 FCN

Participating in a NICU nurse residency program.

Major: Nursing

Favorite Honors Memory: My favorite Honors memory is the tea party that we had at the end of our Jane Austen class. We spent all semester talking about how amazing it could have been to live in a Jane Austen novel and attend galas and tea parties, and we actually got to have one! We all dressed up and had a wonderful time. 

Advice to New Honors Students: Make sure to take advantage of the one credit courses Honors has to offer. I loved my one credit electives, I took all of the Shaping classes, two different Jane Austen classes, and am currently taking Intro to Guitar class. These classes are a bit less formal and more interesting, and truly help build a community! Some of my best memories are from these classes. 


Gabriel Calvo '21 CLAS

Sophia Pellechia '24 CLAS

After graduation in May, I am moving to Boston and plan on working in the healthcare industry for a year. After this, I plan to attend Physician Assistant (PA) school!

Major: Biochemistry
Minors: Studio Art

Favorite Honors Memory: I loved being a facilitator for Shaping a College Life. It's a very "full circle" experience, that I am incredibly grateful for. More specifically, my favorite memory from facilitating that class was when I brought in cookies for a student's birthday and we all gathered around this tiny table and bonded over food and fun. 

Advice to New Honors Students: The Honors Program has so much to offer (both academically, socially, and professionally), however, if I had to pick one piece of advice it would be to take advantage of the Honors Shaping curriculum. The Shaping program is super unique and something that has been incredibly impactful in my life. I recommend it to everyone in the Honors Program. 

Awards: Honors Vocare Fellow, Presidential Scholar



Grace Lundell, CLAS '23

Grace Lundell '23 CLAS

Pursuing a Masters in International Relations at The London School of Economics and Political Science.

Major: Political Science and French and Francophone Studies

Awards: Connelly-Delouvrier International Scholar, Vocare Fellow, Falvery Scholar Research Award

Jonah Gavino '23 VSB

Jonah Gavino ’23 VSB

Pursuing a Master of Accounting with Data Analytics at Villanova University

Major: Accounting & Business Analytics

Favorite Honors Memory: Being a facilitator for Shaping a College Life. It truly was an amazing experience working with freshmen and watching them grow throughout the semester.

Advice to New Honors Students: "Be willing to lean into discomfort. These challenging moments will help guide you in becoming the person you are meant to be."

Post Graduate Plans: Work as an Audit Associate for KPMG in Seattle, WA

Awards: Poets & Quants Best & Brightest Undergraduate Business Majors for the Class of 2023

Gia Beaton '21 CLAS

Gia Beaton '21 CLAS

Pursuing a Juris Doctor at Duke University School of Law

Major: Political Science

Favorite Honors Memory: Attending an alumni panel event in her upper-level Theology course with Dr. Moreland.

Advice to New Honors Students: “Explore as many classes as you can! Even if you come into college set on a major, please explore before you declare.”  

Lily Bui '21 CLAS

Lily Bui '21 CLAS

Pursuing a Medical Degree at Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine

Major: Biology

Favorite Honors Memory: The celebration at the end of the Good/True/Beautiful sequence.

Advice to New Honors Students: “Savor every moment. Time flies. Don't be afraid to try new things.”

Alex Kalaigian  '21 COE

Alex Kalaigian  '21 COE

Pursuing a Doctorate of Dental Surgery at the University of California, San Francisco

Major: Chemical Engineering

Awards: 2021 Dean's Award Recipient for Academic Excellence

Eric Kirchner '21 VSB

Eric Kirchner '21 VSB

Working at Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

Major: Business Administration, Finance and Real Estate

Favorite Honors Memory: Eating Chick Fil-A during the annual Harry Potter Day.

Advice to New Honors Students: “Try everything! The time goes by faster than you think.”

Julia Mustaro '21 FCN

Julia Mustaro '21 FCN

Participating in the nurse residency program at MedStar Georgetown Hospital on a Hematology/Oncology/Bone Marrow Transplant floor

Major: Nursing
Minors: Honors and Psychology

Favorite Honors Memory: Taking Moderns with Kristie Schlauraff, one of the most supportive and fun professors ever.

Advice to New Honors Students: “Be yourself and pursue your own interests; try not to feel pressured to do what everyone else is doing. There's so much to offer here, so personalize your Villanova experience with the clubs and classes that fit you best."

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