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Office for Mission and Ministry

To stand with Black Villanovans, campus ministry will study racism in the catholic church, set anti-racism performance goals, and audit religious images on campus
Sign for different offices to list their anti-racism commitments

To concretely express our mission as a Catholic and Augustinian university, we wholeheartedly invite all offices, departments and student organizations to engage in the work of racial justice by participating in this sign project.

Follow these steps:

  1. Encourage colleagues to watch the recording of "Justice for Black Lives" if they didn't attend the vigil
  2. Hold an office- or group-wide conversation to name your anti-racist intentions and goals for the coming year
  3. Identify one, two or three goals to be listed succinctly on publicly displayed signs
  4. Be fully open to feedback from and conversation within the Villanova community about your goals
  5. Fill out the form to submit your information for signage

Keep in mind:

  1. You may want to consult ODEI as you strategize around and formalize your goals
  2. Please contact Mission and Ministry for help with composing concise action steps for signs
  3. This collaborative effort is meant to be reflective and ongoing; do not feel rushed
  4. Character counts

One goal can have 105 characters max
With two goals, one can have 70 characters max and one 35 characters max
With three goals, each one can have 35 characters max

Explore these centers and areas within Mission and Ministry.

The office offers a wide array of scholarly and pastoral programs throughout the year as a service to the community and the Church. 



The Committee on Mission and Social Justice shall be charged with responsibility for recommending to the University President changes in University policies in areas of mission, social concern, service, and sensitivity to cultural diversity related to the functioning of Villanova University. The charge of the Committee shall also include reviewing the University’s efforts in ensuring fair labor practices in its collegiate licensing program. As part of its review, the Committee shall have access to all reports issued to the University as a member of the Fair Labor Association and the Worker Rights Consortium. The Committee on Mission and Social Justice will also serve as the Social Justice Committee of the University Sustainability Leadership Council.

The Committee on Mission and Social Justice shall consist of: the Vice President for Mission and Ministry; the Director of the Center for Peace and Justice Education; the Director of the Center for Service and Social Justice; a representative of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion; the Athletic Director or his or her designee; one Augustinian Friar; three faculty members (representing different colleges, at least one of whom will serve as a representative of Faculty Congress, if possible); one staff member (outside of Mission and Ministry who will serve as a representative of Staff Council, if possible); one member of the Campus Sustainability Committee; three students (at least one of whom shall be a member of the Student Labor Action Movement and at least one of whom will serve as a representative of the Student Government Association, if possible); and one alumni representative. Faculty, staff and alumni representatives shall serve two-year terms, initially staggered to assure continuity on each committee. Students’ terms shall be limited to two years. Administrators shall serve at the pleasure of the President.

Membership (September 2019)

Fr. Art Purcaro, University Sustainability Council
Barbara Wall, Office for Mission and Ministry
Kathryn Getek Soltis (Chair), Center for Peace and Justice Education
Kate Giancatarino, Center for Service and Social Justice
Terry Nance, Office of Diversity and Inclusion
Mark Jackson, Athletic Director
Fr. Allan Fitzgerald, Augustinian Representative
Shawn Proctor, Staff Council Representative
George Kolb, Alumni Representative
Jean Lutes, Faculty Congress Representative
Jerry Beyer, Faculty (CLAS)
Sunny Hallowell, Faculty (FCN)
Madeline Ochabillo, SLAM Representative
Christian Miller/Connor McKenzie, SGA Representative
Claryn Spies, Graduate Student Council Representative

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