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In Partnership:
Building Solidarity
Through Education, Research,
Advocacy and Service

Microfinance in Madagascar

Tom Shaw, CRS' Senior Technical Advisor for Microfinance will share his experiences and insighsights with microfinance projects and discuss job opportunities in international development. ....more

CRS Rwanda

Through the Women Building Peace Project, Pascasie Musabyemungu, of CRS Rwanda, empowers women to break down stereotypes and learn to live and work together. ...more

Who is CRS?


Villanova University's Partnership Coordinator:
Suzanne Toton
Corr Hall, Rm 5

CRS Ambassadors' Advisor
William Stehl
Corr Hall, Rm 106

CRS Internship Coordinator
Irene King
St Rita Hall, Rm 103

CRS Senior Administrative Assistant
Trudy Pacella
Corr Hall, Rm 3

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