Villanova Gmail for Alumni

All Villanova alumni are eligible for a Villanova Gmail account, even if you did not have a Villanova email account while attending the University. If you had an email account as a student at Villanova, you will be able to receive mail at the same '' address.

Click here if you would like to opt-in for Villanova Gmail. You will need your Villanova ID, birthdate, and an alternative email address (Yahoo, Google, Hotmail, etc.). If you do not know your Villanova ID, you can contact the Alumni Office at 1-800-VILLANOVA. If you continue to have trouble  or you can contact the Help Desk by email or by calling 610-519-7777.


The Alumni Office provides an online community for Villanova Alumni called NovaNetwork. More information about NovaNetwork's features and benefits can be found by clicking this link.