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Welcome to Villanova University, where we are committed to a sustainable future for all. Every member of our community has a role to play in helping Villanova reach its sustainability goals. This page will help introduce you to some of those opportunities.


Quick Facts

Carbon neutral by 2050


Villanova has committed to going carbon neutral by 2050, with a 50% reduction commitment by 2030.

Down 50% by 2030



The Villanova Sustainable Leadership Council represents the governing body directing the University’s sustainability efforts and is the authoring body for the campus sustainability plan.

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Villanova community members are encouraged to participate in our single stream recycling program that accepts paper, cardboard, aluminum, glass and plastics (#1, 2, and 5). 

Speciality recycling should be coordinated through the recycling office.

Sustainability Plan

Description of Villanova's Sustainability Plan (as described in the linked website).

Helpful Resources 

Students, faculty, and staff have a number of alternative transportation options available to them both on- and off-campus. Visit the Transportation page to learn more on: 

Silhouette of bike
Silhouette of Villanova University's campus shuttle
  • Public transit information and discounts
  • Electric vehicle charging stations

  • University Shuttle

  • Biking Infrastructure

Waste Pyramid - Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recover, Dispose

At Villanova we are committed to preserving a sustainable future for the next generation. To help us achieve that goal, Villanova community members are encouraged to reduce their waste footprint and divert what they can through our recycling programs. All on-campus employees should have a blue recycling bin at their desk, if not you can submit a work request. You may place paper, plastic, carboard, glass or aluminum bottles in your desk side bin. All other recycling should be coordinated with the Recycling Office. Visit the Recycling page to view more information on: 

Silhouette of waste truck
Villanova Dining Services sustainability pledge

Dining Services is committed to protecting and preserving our environment. With the help of our customers we strive to reduce waste and use renewable resources as much as possible in all of our dining locations. While we emphasize the key programs described here, sustainable dining practices and waste reduction is stressed throughout our dining operations. For more information, visit the Sustainability section of Dining Services to learn about: 

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  • Food sourcing
  • Waste management 

  • Dietary support

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Villanova University is an official Tree Campus Higher Education School that houses a range of unique trees. Explore 35 different tree species on campus using the self-guided tour map created by the Villanova Grounds Department and the Sustainability Office. Use the map on your own or join us for seasonal in-person tours. For more information visit our sustainability campus grounds page.  

How To Get Involved

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Waste Management website

Look for ways to reduce or reuse your waste before opting to recycling.

If you are looking for ways to go plastic free check out our plastic free living page.


Want to learn more? Check our Villanova Sustainability website.

For more information on campus sustainability efforts, check out the main sustainability website. 

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sustainability newsletter by filling out the request form.

The newsletter comes out once a month and is sent directly to your inbox. 


Villanova University, as a community of learned and learning scholars, respecting the sacredness of all creation, accepts its responsibility to the integrity of Earth and its biodiversity, to the heritage of future generations, and to the security of nations. By utilizing the Augustinian values of Unitas, Veritas, and Caritas, meaning love thy neighbor, promote community unity, and live life in moderation through our curriculum, work environment, and operations, Villanova’s approach to sustainability exemplifies an emphasis on social justice and community service.

For questions regarding campus sustainability email