Submitting a Service Request

To submit a work request click on "Submit a Request" on the left hand side of your screen. The following dialog appears:

Pic 1

Click on the next button and you will be prompted to select a building from the drop down list. This dialog appears as follows:

Pic 2

In order to activate the building selection list, click on the down arrow to the right of the building selection box and scroll through the list to find the desired building and highlight it by clicking on it. Click the next button to continue. At any point in the process you may click on the back button of your browser to clear the form and start over. You will then be prompted with the Service Request window:

pic 3

Please enter your Name, Campus Phone extension and  E-mail address. A good way to move between cells on web forms is to use the TAB key.

Use the drop down list to select “FMO – Facilities Management” in the Repair Center field. In the future, the Repair Center field will be used to route requests to different areas. Next, you will need to select the "Area":

Pic 4

This cell works just like the Building cell. Scroll through the list to find the entry which best describes the location that the work is to be performed. If your room number is not listed, please select the floor the work is to be completed on, and enter additional location information in the description section below.

Next enter your department’s account number. Please note that requests without account numbers will not be processed unless they are for routine maintenance or repair.

The Tag # cell is only needed if you are requesting work be performed on a piece of equipment which we have entered into our equipment and preventative maintenance database.

Next enter your Department name. Next enter the description of the work you would like to have completed. When completed your request should appear as follows:

Pic 5

If you are pleased with you request click on the "submit" button else click on the back button of your browser to modify. When you hit the "submit" button you will see the following:

Pic 6

Please note your request number, as you will need it to check the status of your request in the future. If you miss the request number don’t fret, you will receive an email that will indicate your request number on the subject line.

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