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Frequently Asked Questions

What We Do

Aid students in a collaborative effort of creating their "ideal texts" and producing their best quality work.

We are NOT a "fix-it shop" and seek to "produce better writers, not better texts."

We encourage multiple, independent visits for all types of students, in all stages of their writing.

We cater to individual student needs and rely on the effective relationship of peer tutoring.

All are welcome.

Who is the Writing Center for?

The Writing Center is for ALL students (Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors and Graduates) as well as Faculty and Staff.

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Where is the Writing Center located?

The Writing Center is in room 210 Falvey Library.

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What should I bring to the Writing Center?

Bring your assignment, your paper/draft, your ideas and an open mind.

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When should I come to the Writing Center?

You can come to the Writing Center at any point in your writing process.

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How do I make an appointment?

Call 610.519.4604 (on campus x94604) or stop by the Writing Center to make an appointment.

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What is the purpose of the Writing Center?

Your peers are available throughout the week to aid in discussing, creating and polishing your writing assignment so that you may produce your best quality work and gain further knowledge to apply to your future writing assignments.

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Expectations of a Tutor

  • be respectful
  • listen well
  • be flexible
  • set priorities
  • help the writer articulate goals
  • negotiate responsibilities
  • shift ownership of task to the writer
  • serve as a model from approaching the task

Expectations of a Writer

  • be on time
  • be respectful
  • be active, ask questions
  • bring assignment, text, etc.
  • have realistic goals
  • be open to new discoveries
  • remain receptive to criticism while engaging in argumentative discourse
  • bring motivation
  • revisit work/follow up

Expectations of a Professor

  • recommend the Writing Center to your students
  • visit the Writing Center
  • explain our philosophy to students
  • use the Writing Center video and webpage as means to inform students of the resources available to them