Faculty Writing Assistance

Faculty Writing Assistance is consulting support available to faculty for their writing projects.  Collaboration can make the writing process more efficient and productive. 

Dr. Emily Carson has been appointed to offer one-on-one consults for projects such as articles, proposals, book-length manuscripts, revise and resubmit edits, and course assignments. She has a Ph.D. in comparative literature, has worked as a writing consultant and editor, and has taught technical writing and composition.  

Set up an appointment to:

  • Collaborate on revisions
  • Have a new perspective on an overly familiar project
  • Talk through ideas to organize thoughts
  • Improve clarity by questioning passages, ideas, or structure
  • Identify patterns of error when English is a second language
  • Hear a reader response from a scholar outside of the field
  • Learn new genres: proposals, teaching statements, etc.
  • Interpret and implement reviewer feedback
  • Work through effective slide design for a presentation
  • Keep to a schedule
  • Adapt a dissertation chapter or a presentation into a publication
  • Consider how to tailor a manuscript to a specific journal

"Usually, writing is something I try to squeeze in to my schedule. Dedicating time to it, with the Writing Center's support it, made me really happy about writing. I also really appreciated that it wasn't tied to external goals (tenure requirements, etc) but rather independently-determined projects. Writing is so crucial to knowing and this [support] made me feel like I was in a space that truly valued writing as a process, not simply as a product. We teach our students this lesson, but so often do not give ourselves time to focus on the process."

                                                                    Mary Mullen
Assistant Professor of English


Emily Carson

Contact Dr. Emily Carson at emily.carson@villanova.edu or at 610-519-4273 to set up an appointment.