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Past VISIBLE Events & Programming

VISIBLE offers events and programming designed to support Villanova faculty and staff in developing leadership skills, inclusive and equitable hiring practices, and strategies for retaining and advancing women and minoritized groups, especially in the STEM fields where both are historically underrepresented. 

Resources from past VISIBLE events and programming are available below.

Resources from Events and Programs

Community Forums on Post-COVID-19 Faculty Evaluation Processes 

All Villanova faculty were invited to participate in Community Forum sessions hosted by VISIBLE and co-sponsored by Faculty Congress on March 30 and March 31, 2021 to discuss recommendations for taking into account the impacts of COVID-19 on faculty scholarship, teaching and service in Villanova’s faculty evaluation processes. View the Executive Summary of recommendations here. 

These Community Forums provided an opportunity to offer feedback and share any important experiences not captured in the findings from VISIBLE’s February 2021 Faculty Questionnaire and Listening Sessions. 

CLOSED - VISIBLE Affiliated Faculty Program Call for Nominations

VISIBLE Affiliated Faculty will serve in compensated roles for a one-year, renewable period beginning January 2021 in which they provide feedback on VISIBLE initiatives, program and policy development, and impacts on faculty. All Villanova faculty regardless of rank are eligible, with faculty from historically marginalized groups in STEM, those with intersectional identities, and/or those with demonstrable experience working for diversity, equity, and inclusion encouraged to self-nominate. 


What to Do About Hiring During a Hiring Freeze

A hiring freeze doesn’t mean search processes have to be set aside. Instead, it offers an opportunity for departments to proactively build inclusive hiring practices. In fall 2020, VISIBLE hosted a virtual discussion for Villanova faculty and staff on how to increase the diversity of recruitment pools, learn about practices that have proven successful, and generate new ideas for their own departments. 

Villanova faculty and staff may use their VU log-in information to access the "What to Do About Hiring During a Hiring Freeze" presentation and video recordings (part 1 and part 2) of this discussion.