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Impacts of COVID-19 on Faculty Evaluation

Emerging research on the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic for academic work point to significant impacts on workload and productivity with implications for short- and long-term career outcomes. Early measures indicate these impacts are disproportionately acute for women, faculty of color, and those with significant caregiving responsibilities. New research and commentary about disparate impacts on service and scholarship is emerging regularly, along with ideas for how to support faculty. A compilation of resources is available for faculty on these topics.

How Will the Villanova Community Address These Impacts?

Introduction to COVID-19 Faculty Impacts Project by Amanda Grannas, PhD, VISIBLE Principal Investigator, Associate Vice Provost for Research and Professor of Chemistry, Villanova University

VISIBLE is working with campus stakeholders to both understand the distinct impacts of COVID-19 for Villanova faculty and to identify strategies for addressing disparate impacts on faculty career progression. This is a multi-phase participatory project, the goal of which is to develop a set of recommendations that may be implemented as early as this spring and into the future. VISIBLE’s role in the project is to serve as convener, thought partner, equity advocate and source of expertise. VISIBLE does not make policy but works to support policymaking and implementation processes. 

Gathering Villanova Faculty Feedback

Villanova faculty can provide confidential feedback on the impacts of COVID-19 via two options: a questionnaire and faculty listening sessions. Faculty may select either of these options or complete both.

Villanova Faculty Listening Sessions

Listening Sessions will be held on February 24 and 25, 2021 to provide an additional mechanism to gather faculty feedback. VISIBLE will send links to access the confidential listening sessions to all faculty prior to the sessions. We hope you will add your voice!


All faculty are invited to complete the Questionnaire. If you are a faculty member at Villanova University and you are unable to access the questionnaire, please contact the Office of Strategic Planning and Institutional Effectiveness directly.

Listening Sessions will be open in separate sessions for faculty members, for Deans and for Department Chairs.  If you are unable to locate the meeting link for Listening Sessions, please check your email for a message from or contact the VISIBLE team.

Any information you provide in response to the questions in this form will remain anonymous and confidential.

When we say anonymous, it means that no one has any way of associating survey responses with who took the survey. This survey was designed using the anonymize feature of our survey software, Qualtrics, which removes the IP address and location data and disconnects the survey response from any contact information. Using this feature, we are able to use Single Sign On to ensure that only Villanova faculty can provide feedback, but those with access to the responses have no way of knowing which respondent is associated with which response.

This survey is being administered by Villanova's Office of Strategic Planning & Institutional Effectiveness (OSPIE). OSPIE will be the only Villanova entity with temporary access to response data. The response data will be shared securely with a team of external evaluators for the express purpose of analysis and report creation.  Analysis and report creation will be completed by Dr. Stephanie Goodwin and Dr. Beth Mitchneck who will review and report out key aggregated themes to the VISIBLE team. To give examples of common themes, anonymized comments written in response to the survey questions may be shared with VISIBLE but will not be shared in any public reports. VISIBLE will share an executive summary of these results with the participants.

The Single Sign On feature will allow you to return to your work at any time before Sunday February 21 at 11:59 p.m. If you would like to exit the survey and return to it later to review or change any of your responses, you may close out of the browser you are using to take the survey and access the survey link at a later time. If you don’t complete the Questionnaire in one sitting, please return to submit your responses. We want to receive your input!

Information you provide in a Listening Session will remain confidential. Stephanie Goodwin, PhD and Beth Mitchneck, PhD will facilitate the one-hour listening sessions with faculty and report out key aggregated themes to the VISIBLE Team. 

 If you have comments, questions, or concerns, please contact the VISIBLE team at


Thanks to Stephanie Goodwin, PhD and Beth Mitchneck, PhD for contributing to all elements of the project on this page.