Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion have been and will continue to be an integral component of Villanova University’s mission.  Villanova’s Institutional diversity efforts strive to foster and celebrate diversity while promoting inclusiveness within the campus culture.

By exposing the campus community to a wider range of cultural backgrounds and perspectives, Villanova can work toward creating a campus that reflects and embraces the diversity of our society and the world beyond Villanova’s campus.

Villanova University's Diversity Statement

Villanova University, as a Catholic Augustinian institution of higher education, recognizes diversity as an integral component of the teaching and learning experience and as an essential element of the ongoing intellectual, social and spiritual development of every member of the Villanova community. 

Accordingly, Villanova University will be a diverse community.  We commit ourselves to cultivating an academic environment marked by genuine curiosity about different perspectives, ardent receptivity to knowledge generated through intercultural connections and a genuine sensitivity to the variety of human experiences marked by domestic and global differences.

Inclusive Excellence

Villanova University’s diversity initiatives strive for inclusive excellence at the institutional level. Inclusive excellence includes systemic actions that focus on fostering greater diversity, equity, inclusion, and accountability at all levels of university life. Most importantly, the diversity efforts must be integrated into the core aspects of the university, including academic priorities, leadership, decision-making, day-to-day operations, and the overall organizational culture.

At Villanova, we strive to create an inclusive community that fosters an understanding and appreciation for diversity among our students, faculty, staff, and administrators.

Meet the Staff

Meet the Staff of Villanova's Office of Diversity and Inclusion Located in the University's Charles Widger School of Law, Room 360

Terri Nance

Teresa A. Nance, Ph.D (She,Her,Hers)

Associate Vice Provost for Diversity and Inclusion

Chief Diversity Officer

Associate Professor

Dr. Brighid Dwyer

Brighid Dwyer, Ph.D. (She,Her,Hers)

Director, Program on Intergroup Relations

Assistant Professor, Communication/Education & Counseling 

Ariella Bradley-Program Coordinator for the Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Ariella Bradley (She,Her,Hers)

Program Coordinator, Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Emily Pfender-Graduate Assistant for the Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Emily Pfender (She,Her,Hers)

Graduate Assistant for the Office of Diversity and Inclusion

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