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Listen to Drs. Krista Malott & Stacey Gaenzle Havlik, of the Department of Education & Counseling at Villanova, talk about their research with first generation college goers:

Featured on KYW NewsRadio (May 25, 2018): 
First Gen college Students. Online text version and audio versions

Featured on WHYY Public Radio, Morning Edition (August 30, 2018). 
Villanova researchers help first-gen students trailblaze into freshman year.

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Gaenzle Havlik, S., Malott, K. M., & Pulliam, N., & Steen, S. (2017). Strengths and struggles of first-generation college students persisting at one predominantly White institution. Journal of College Student Retention: Research, Theory & Practice, 1-23.

Havlik, S., Pulliam, N., Malott, K. M., & Steen, S. (2017). Strengths and struggles of first-generation college students persisting at one predominantly White institution. Journal of College Student Retention: Research, Theory & Practice, 0(0), 1-23.

Havlik, S., Malott, K. M., Diaz Davila, J., Stanislaus, D., & Stiglianese, S. (accepted). Small groups and first-generation college goers: An intervention with African American high school seniors. Invited for special 2020 issue in the Journal for Specialists in Groupwork.

Malott, K. M., Havlik, S., Steen, S., Gosai, S., & Diaz Davila, J. (accepted). College readiness and first-generation college goers: Group impacts with students from an urban, predominantly African-American population. Association for Counseling Children and Adolescents.


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*Courtesy of Northern Michigan University