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Villanova in The Valley

The Villanova in The Valley student immersion program is a weeklong experience during winter break that exposes students to Silicon Valley and San Francisco, the center of global innovation and entrepreneurship.  Throughout the week, students meet and learn from professionals, including numerous Villanova alumni, with a variety of skills and backgrounds who collaborate together to bring ideas from concept to reality.

Students prepare extensively for each visit by researching the people and organizations involved, prepping fellow cohort members and introducing the organization to the full group. Throughout the week, a counselor from Villanova’s Career Center coaches students on how to present themselves and maximize their contacts for career or internship opportunities. 

Over a six day period, participants develop a deep understanding of the ecosystem through company visits, networking events, and educational tours. Participants hear first-hand from investors, entrepreneurs, startups, large companies, and innovators to learn what makes the ecosystem tick; the associated opportunities and challenges; and how to start a career in Silicon Valley/San Francisco. The experience provides students with connections to recent Villanova graduates working in Silicon Valley and unparalleled access to founders and C-level executives at industry-leading organizations.

Villanova in The Valley is led by the Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Sample Agenda

Events will vary to include site visits, networking with Villanovans and presentations from individuals who make the Valley go. Potential site visits include Google, Facebook, PayPal and Handshake. Potential social programs include tourist stops and sightseeing in and around San Francisco. In alignment with Villanova's Augustinian values of Veritas, Unitas and Caritas, every trip to the Bay Area also includes a volunteer experience.

Resume Positioning 

The resume is the first thing an employer uses to evaluate you, so it's essential to ensure it effectively summarizes your skills, knowledge and experiences, such as participation in immersion programs such as Villanova in The Valley. 

Utilizing our Resume Guide with an example specific to your career and professional development goals can begin the process toward creating a flawless and thought-out tool for your post-graduate search.


  • When do I apply? Applications typically open the semester before the trip. This application opens in the fall semester.
  • How can I find out about application deadlines and costs? These vary each year, so visit this site during the application season for the most up-to-date information.
  • Is this a competitive program? Yes, many students apply for this immersion trip, so take your time with the application and be thoughtful in your video.
  • Where do I get help with funding? You can apply for funding for this program within your application. For other professional development experiences such as conferences, underpaid/unpaid internships and study abroad, refer to our Student Experiences Funding webpage.
  • How can I prepare for this program? Attend the information sessions, which will be posted on Handshake, visit the Career Center along with the professional development offices in your school to build your resume, LinkedIn and elevator pitches.
  • What should I wear? We encourage students to wear business casual clothing. If you need some options, make an appointment at the Wildcat Wardrobe.
  • What are the lodging accommodations?
    Students who participate in Villanova immersion programs stay in a hotel on location and share rooms with each other. Rooms are assigned to students and follow university housing policies and guidance. However, it is central to our mission to make sure we are as inclusive as possible to all members of the Villanova community. If you need a hotel accommodation, please do not hesitate to reach out to discuss your needs and potential possibilities.
  • What can I gain from attending this program? Students in the past learned about various roles within the global technology and innovation sector, created relationships with their cohort and connected with alumni that sometimes lead to internship and job opportunities.
  • When does the trip take place? Winter break (typically the last week of break in January).

If you have previously attended Villanova in the Valley and are interested in applying to be a Student Leader, please submit your application at this link: