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Aequitas: Presidential Task Force on Race

The spires of the Villanova Church at sunset

Led by Dr. Nance, Vice President of the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, and comprised of a cross section of Villanova students, faculty, staff and alumni, the Aequitas Task Force has been charged with assessing the racial climate on campus, identifying areas for improvement, and creating a plan for developing the cultural competence for all students, staff and faculty who are members of the Villanova community. 

Preliminarily, to accomplish this goal the committee will:

  • Consider a plan to encourage all departments and academic programs to undertake a systematic evaluation of the underlying assumptions of their disciplines related to race, particularly as explained in introductory courses.
  • Work with the relevant constituencies to develop a University diversity course experience that includes a dialogue component and adjust the University Learning Goals to include a goal on anti-racism education and cultural competence.
  • In conjunction with the Strategic Plan: Rooted. Restless, set goals for increasing the numbers of black and minoritized people on campus, particularly students, senior staff, and faculty.
  • Review all relevant climate data related to the perceptions of black and minoritized people on campus regarding their lives on campus. If information is not available, the Task Force will work with Office of Strategic Planning and Institutional Effectiveness to develop appropriate instruments to gather the information required. Based upon reviewed data, identify and isolate areas of concern to develop both long and short terms goals to accomplish required change.
  • Report Task Force progress on goals in monthly meetings scheduled sessions with the President.

The Aequitas Task Force will be broken into two groups: Steering and General Committees

Steering Committee

Mark C. Alexander

Arthur J. Kania Dean and Professor of Law, Villanova University Charles Widger School of Law

Hedya Aryani

Associate General Counsel

Camille Burge

Assistant Professor, Political Science

Tom DeMarco

Dean of Students

Rev. Kevin DePrinzio

VP for Mission and Ministry

Ray Duffy

Associate Vice President of Human Resources and Affirmative Action Officer

Darryl Ford

Villanova Alumnus, Former Board of Trustees Member

Adele Lindenmeyr

Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Crystal Lucky

Associate Dean of Baccalaureate Studies, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Michael J. O’Neill

Senior Vice President, University Advancement

Jim Trainer Associate Vice President and Executive Director, Office of Strategic Planning and Institutional Effectiveness
Steve Sheridan Director, Accountability, Accreditation, and Assessment Services, Office of Strategic Planning and Institutional Effectiveness

Alex Iannucci

Director of Strategic Initiatives

Sherry Bowen

Faculty Director of the Program on Intergroup Relations;
Associate Professor, Department of Communication

Ariella Bradley

Training Manager

Katie Fischer

Director of Executive and Trustee Communication

General Committee

Members to be contacted and named. Will be a cross-section of Villanova students, faculty and staff.