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President's Advisory Council

The President’s Advisory Council is a group of highly committed alumni and parent leaders who invest their valuable time and resources to help grow the Villanova brand. The Advisory Council plays an integral role in raising the University’s national profile; increasing alumni pride and involvement in their Alma Mater and helping Villanova reach its highest potential as a top-tier national university and a pre-eminent Augustinian Catholic university that prepares its graduates for success throughout their lives in the global environment.


Advisory Council Members

Christopher Albanese

Joseph P. Beebe 

Nancy K. Beebe 

Paula G. Carpou

William A. Carpou 

Mark S. Hacker

Melinda B. Hacker  

James G. Hageney 

Jennifer C. Harding 

Peter M. Harding

Paul D. Hinnenkamp

Bryant Huber

John W. Leighton 

Michael P. McLaughlin

Daniel M. Montegari

Elizabeth A. Montegari

Kathy Mulhall 

Robert F. Mulhall 

Jeremy A. Murphy 

Katherine E. Murphy 

Thomas M. Nealon

Francis I. Perier

Dominic M. Pomponi

Kimberly J. Pomponi 

Kerry-Lynn Riley

Susan M. Rivera 

Frank C. Russomano

Joy L. Sargent

Liam O. Sargent

Carrie Savino Packard

Maria Schreder 

Stephen J. Schreder 

David G. Sprows 

Lori L. Sprows

Nicole M. Sypherd

Stephen S. Sypherd

Robert F. Tyson

Daniel J. Ward

Lara M. Ward