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Information for Parents

Information for Parents

Parents and families are important to our students and to the M. Louise Fitzpatrick College of Nursing. We encourage you to attend our information sessions when considering various schools, visit us during orientation and participate in other university activities.

In short, discover what Villanova Nursing means.

You might also want to visit Villanova's parents' page, find out more about our Open House events or financial assistance, and read our tip sheet on making decisions about nursing programs.

The value of the investment

College is a big investment for students and families.  Parents of graduates and the employers recruiting those graduates are aware of the caliber of the program. There is something different about a Villanova Nurse and our alumni prove that every day. Dean Fitzpatrick summarized the distinction in a recent Convocation address to degree candidates:

“Our strength and the respect this College of Nursing commands is a result of people like yourselves, who leave Villanova and demonstrate through thought and action, faith and reason, competence and compassion that Villanova nurses embody and reflect a mission that is a Gestalt — something that is bigger than the sum of its parts — that the way you practice, lead and perform as professionals identifies you as distinctly different from the graduates of other programs.

There are differentiating factors that are reflected in the integrated manner in which you approach your work—as a profession, as a mission, and as a ministry informed by substantive knowledge, executed through the process of ethical reasoning.  The 'how' and 'why', not just the  'what' matters.  And your values and sense of accountability and integrity, concern for social justice and a world view make a difference. People matter and attitude matters. In the Augustinian tradition, it is the integration of mind and heart that remains at the core of what we teach, what Villanova students learn — and that inspires what you will do with this most precious commodity — your education.”

Employer's View

“My hope is to hire Villanova nursing graduates into Brigham and Women’s Hospital next year and to keep hiring Villanova nursing graduates into Brigham and Women’s Hospital every year because they are the best clinical nurses and nurse leaders. The Villanova nursing students and graduating nurses surpass all others in clinical intellect, leadership, and caring.”

Patricia Brita Rossi RN, MS, MBA
Nursing Director - Medical/Oncology Nursing Services and Programs
Brigham and Women's Hospital , Boston

Parent Perspective

“The decision for Jennifer to attend Villanova University was a very easy one. The College of Nursing is nationally recognized. Its reputation and the new state-of-the-art facilities would be an attraction for any student serious about a nursing career and it certainly was for Jennifer."

Edward F. and Elaine Kicak, Berwyn, PA

“Veritas, Unitas and Caritas are not just words. When you understand the feeling that one has when those words are spoken, you know why Villanova and the College of Nursing were the community for our daughter Kaitlyn."

David and Patti May, Highlands Ranch, CO

Employer's View

"Georgetown University Hospital vigorously recruits nursing students from Villanova University! The nursing graduates from Villanova exude confidence, passion for the profession and have succeeded in a very rigorous academic program. These graduates understand teamwork, respect, integrity and service to one's community which we highly value here at Georgetown."

Eileen Brennan Ferrell RN, BSN, MS, Director, Nurse Recruitment and Retention,  Georgetown University Hospital