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Students & Campus Life

Students and Campus Life

Become an integrated member of University life

Your four years at Villanova's College of Nursing are a time of social development as well as intense intellectual growth.  As a nursing student, you share a rich and rewarding campus life, living in campus residence halls with other undergraduates.  Community life and the opportunity for friendships with interesting and diverse people is a feature of on-campus living.

In addition to nursing organizations, a full complement of cultural, religious, social and service student life activities is available to you, including theater, the Greek system, music activities, intramural and intercollegiate sports, and student government. 

Campus Ministry promotes a sense of community through the coordination of a variety of programs that are of a religious and human service character with a view to aiding students with their spiritual and personal growth.

Become a leader of peers and organizations

As a Villanova Nurse, you are a leader. You may participate in our chapter of the Student Nurses Association of Pennsylvania (SNAP) which promotes students' professional and leadership development.  Our chapter regularly sends delegates to the state convention and to the National Student Nurses Association convention.  Villanova nursing students are elected to state and national offices. You may also be part of the Undergraduate Nursing Senate or Theta Delta Beta Chapter of Chi Eta Phi. While these are pre-professional organizations, you may also be part of campus-wide initiatives such as Special Olympics or other service groups.


My View

"Villanova Nurses are part of the larger Villanova Community in many aspects such as Campus Ministry and Special Olympics. When I came to Villanova, I knew that I was going to get involved right from the start and that is exactly what I did. I have a passion for Special Olympics and as a result I became a member of the Student Committee for Special Olympics as a freshman, became a Management Team Director my sophomore year, and as a junior, I was the Fall Festival Director!"

Colleen Gruffi, New City, NY

Students & Campus Life

My View

“While nursing school and athletics are very time consuming and expend much energy, it is possible to excel in both simultaneously. I have to credit many of the hard-working faculty for this, but most importantly my nursing advisor. As our athletic advisor she helped me plan out my schedule so I could ease into my courses and training with minimal difficulty.  The accommodations are there, all is needed is your willpower, dedication, and hard-work!”

LaTrina Bailey, Bear, DE