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Research Opportunities


Villanova Nurses—both faculty and students—look beyond problems to solutions. They move big ideas into action through their research and other scholarly projects. In doing so, they make a difference in patient care and health worldwide.


What’s the problem you want to solve?

Research Symposium
Students attend the Fitzpatrick College of Nursing's Annual Research Symposium and hear from national and international leaders in nursing science.

Undergraduate students have several options to learn more about the research process, develop projects and excel with faculty mentoring. 

Among the opportunities are:

  • Access to the Fitzpatrick College of Nursing's Center for Nursing Research
  • Honors Projects (for those in Villanova's Honors Program)
  • Undergraduate Research Experience - this is an independent study in spring semester of junior year. In addition to meeting and working with their selected faculty members throughout the semester, the students attend a monthly one-hour seminar organized by Dr. Suzanne Smeltzer, Director of Center for Nursing Research. The purpose is for students and faculty to share information about the experiences and to discuss topics selected by the students. Outcomes have depended on the individual student and faculty member; examples have included publication as the first author or as co-author with the faculty member and development of poster session. 
  • The Villanova Freshman Match Research program provides opportunities for motivated freshmen to pursue undergraduate research. The Match program has the freshmen students conducting research with a faculty member they "match" with, for 10 hours per week for 10 weeks for which they will receive a stipend for the Spring semester. 
  • The Villanova Undergraduate Research Fellows Program (VURF) is designed to provide financial support for student research. There is a stipend for student researchers and faculty collaborators, as well as funding available for supplies, travel, and conference support.  VURF proposals are typically for Summer projects. Priority review is given to students who are designated as rising seniors and rising juniors. 
  • The Davis Family Undergraduate Summer Scholars Research Fund in the College of Nursing is designed to provide financial support for student research. Stipends are for student researchers who have a Nursing faculty mentor; there is also funding available for supplies, travel, and poster printing.