Admission Prerequisites

If you are a student with serious academic goals and broad interests, and are looking for a school that is of high quality and enjoys a fine reputation, you are a candidate for admission to Villanova University's College of Nursing. Admission is based on the evaluations of the following:

  • High school grade point average
  • Rank in class, if available
  • Standardized test scores (SAT or ACT)
  • Student activities resume

In addition, all candidates must have completed at least 16 academic units of high school work, with a unit representing a year's study in one subject, as follows:

  • English - 4
  • History - 2
  • Biology - 1
  • Chemistry - 1
  • Mathematics - 3
  • Electives - 2
  • Other Science - 1
  • Modern Language - 2

SAT II tests are not required.

Traditional Four Year BSN Prerequisites

My View

"Throughout the course of studies at Villanova, students are driven towards the pursuit of their educational goals by an intense thirst for knowledge and an awareness of the events of the world around them. The educational experience at Villanova cultivates an environment where knowledge and information are valued, and diverse, innovative ideas are accepted and shared."

Jennifer R. Sneeringer