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Office for Nursing Research and Innovation

Villanova Center for Nursing Research

Creation of nursing science, faculty-student partnerships, mentoring, nursing scholarship, and interprofessional collaboration are outcomes from the research conducted through the M. Louise Fitzpatrick College of Nursing.


New knowledge is developed with the goal of improving clinical practice and health care delivery, as well as the health of patients and populations.


The Office for Nursing Research and Innovation at the Fitzpatrick College of Nursing was established in 2006 as the focal point for scholarly inquiry within the College. The Office coordinates and supports research activities within the College, in collaboration with other Villanova academic areas, as well as external entities. It is also a hub for new ideas, processes, and products to germinate and be developed and protected. 

The Office assists faculty and undergraduate and graduate students with education, assistance and mentoring in the grant writing process, other funding activities and sources, the research process, scholarly evaluation and activities such as those relating to publication and other professional routes of dissemination of scientific work.

The Office is the locus for research-oriented events such as the College’s Annual Research Symposium, and special partnerships and projects that advance its mission and that of the College.


Bridgette M. Rice, PhD, MDiv, APRN, FAAN, Associate Dean for Research and Innovation, The Richard and Marianne Kreider Endowed Professor in Nursing for Vulnerable Populations, and Founder and Director of the Research for Equity & Justice Collective  (610) 519-4906