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Building a united healthcare team, with nurses on the frontlines of care, can help bridge the gap in the nutritional care management of patients. Health professionals are beginning to recognize the need and opportunities for collaboration and integration of clinical care and community systems to prevent and mitigate obesity and other nutrition-related disease states.  This workshop is designed as an inter-disciplinary program to educate the target audience of Nurse Practitioners.  This program will address the benefits of working inter-professionally with Registered Dietitian-Nutritionists (RDN) and NPs to address obesity and other nutrition-related disease states to achieve results that cannot be achieved by a single health professional. This approach addresses the education gap of nutrition management that integrates partners in evidence-based health care delivery. 5.5 contact awards will be awarded to NPs who attend the full program.  

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Learning Objectives:

1. Review the epidemiology and current state of the obesity epidemic.

2. Discuss strategies to minimize bias towards and discrimination against people with obesity.

3. Explain the skills and competencies of other health professionals – i.e., dietitians – necessary for effective inter-professional collaboration and integration of clinical and community care for obesity and other nutrition-related disease states.


Speakers and topics:

Lisa Diewald, MS RDN LDN, Tracy Oliver, PhD RDN LDN, & Rebecca Shenkman MPH RDN LDN         

Obesity Stigma and Sensitivity Training


Erin Caroulis, MPH, RD, LDN, CDE        

Diabetes Nutrition for the Nursing Professional


Andrea M. Barnes, MS, RD, LDN, FAND

Geriatric Nutrition Recommendations for the Continuum of Care


Audrey Caspar-Clark, RD, LDN, CSO

Nutritional Issues in the Cancer Patient


Sharon H. Hangliter MS, RD, CNSC, LDN

Clinical Nutrition: Dispelling Myths, Embracing Realities




COPE Healthy decision making

COPE and Villanova School of Business (VSB) hosted a one-day interactive and engaging conference that paired the evidence-based research on mindfulness and mindful eating techniques used in a healthcare/clinical setting with consumer behavior research on food policy and environment’s impact on food choice.

Created for nurses, nurse practitioners, dietitians, health coaches, business professionals and policy experts, the two-part conference included The Mind-Environment Connection: Using Mindfulness to Promote Healthy Choices  and Eating in Context: Perspectives on the Consumer, the Context, and Policy Drivers of Food-related Decisions.

Check out our Op-Ed piece highlighting our conference, published in Morning Consult, written by Rebecca Shenkman MPH RDN LDN and Beth Vallen PhD  

Op-Ed: A New Approach to Combat America's Obesity Epidemic


Speaker Slides

* Rozin_Misguided Perspectives Slides_3 per page.pdf
The Sometimes Misguided Pursuit




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