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Certificate Programs Overview

The Continuing Education in Nursing and Health Care Program has developed creative, targeted and highly successful certificate programs for clinicians, researchers, educators, managers and executives.  

Our certificate program offerings include the RN Refresher Certificate for those who are thinking about returning to the workforce.  Have you kept your license active but haven’t practiced in over a year? Villanova has developed a 6-part program to ease your reentry into nursing.

Nurse Manager Certificate ONLINE is for those that would you like to expand their management abilities.  Is it difficult to find time for professional development topics relating to your job? Attend a series of courses that will build management skills for clinical and unit manager.

Clinical Instructor/Preceptor Certificate ONLINE is for those who would like to expand their abilities as a clinical instructor.  This asynchronous program is designed to help clinical instructors understand the full scope of their role, the importance of understanding how clinical experiences are integral to the overall curriculum and how to manage the challenges that arise related to student performance, patient status, the interactions with other care providers.

Continuing Education Courses

My View

"I have been so impressed with the RN Refresher Continuing Education courses. You have done a super job keeping the course costs reasonable and accessible, and the course content relevant and pertinent. Further, you have created a professional, sharing, learning environment. The Guidance and assistance you provide in pursuit of nursing opportunities, experience, and education has been exceptional.

A very needed and well executed program."

Sarah Lodge, Lafayette Hill, PA