Nurse Manager Certificate Program

Nurse Manager Certificate Program

Would you like to expand your management abilities? Is it difficult to find time for professional development topics relating to your job? Attend a series of courses that will build management skills for clinical and unit manager. This program focuses on core concepts, contemporary theories and management strategies. Content has been developed recognizing the variety of life experiences that participants bring to the classroom. Lecture, discussion, audiovisuals, role-playing, case studies and group activities all support a variety of learning styles, as well as the application of content to real life situations. Attend as many courses as you like or earn a certificate by completing all six courses. In order to receive continuing education credit, participants must complete at least 85% of each session.

You may also bring the Nurse Manager Certificate Program to your organization.

Program Details

Dates: March 16, 2018 thru June 1, 2018
Time: 9:00 AM  - 4:00 PM Location: Driscoll Hall, Villanova University Fee: $1025 (or $180 per individual day)
Contact Hours: 34.5 for entire program / 5.75 per day
Faculty: Patricia M. Haynor, Ph.D, RN, NHA

March 16 - Organizational Leadership and Management Theory and the Role of the Nurse Manager    

The connection between organizational theory, organizational structure, and the manager's role will be explored.  Basic concepts of leadership including myths, traits, types and skills will be discussed as a tool for survival in today's health care environment. Effective ways to enable and facilitate staff will be highlighted. Learn how to enhance the functioning of your unit while improving satisfaction and productivity.

April 6 - Decision Making/Problem Solving/Critical Thinking Skills

Here is an opportunity to relate decision-making and creative/critical thinking skills to the role of the nurse
manager. Find out how to do a gap analysis; review decision-making models; and acquire new problem solving strategies that are useful in work related situations.  Utilize a “six-thinking hats” strategy to expand your critical analysis abilities.

April 20 - Team Building: Selecting/Developing/Motivating/Empowering/Coaching Staff

This course is all about making teams work more effectively. It begins with keys to successful recruitment and moves on to a look at the manager's responsibility for the development and socialization of employees. Theories of motivation and their appropriate uses in the work setting will be reviewed. Separate the manager's role as a coach from that of counselor. Find out how to empower others.

 May 4 - Performance Appraisal - Staffing and Scheduling

Improve your performance appraisal skills so that your assessments are fair and equitable. Look at key concepts in the appraisal process. Find out what biases and prejudices you bring to that process. Discuss key factors that influence motivation and productivity. Explore the role of the nurse manager in relation to the staffing and scheduling process, including scheduling methods, standards, plans and classification systems.

 May 17 (Thursday)- Financial Management

Here is a unique opportunity to expand your budgeting skills. Review basic concepts of financial management and apply selected economic principles to health care finance. Look at a health care budget and review the budget building process. Learn new ways to analyze financial statements.

June 1 - Human Resources Management: Conflict/Negotiating/Time Management

Discover several ways to enhance your role and fine-tune your skills in the management of staff. Review time management strategies and develop a personal action plan.  Discover your own negotiating strengths and identify areas for improvement. Learn six crucial steps in the negotiating process. View conflict as a disruptive and/or a constructive force in today's health care environment.

Continuing Education Courses

My View

"I have been so impressed with the RN Refresher Continuing Education courses. You have done a super job keeping the course costs reasonable and accessible, and the course content relevant and pertinent. Further, you have created a professional, sharing, learning environment. The Guidance and assistance you provide in pursuit of nursing opportunities, experience, and education has been exceptional.

A very needed and well executed program."

Sarah Lodge, Lafayette Hill, PA

My View

“I thoroughly enjoyed this course from beginning to end. Pat is dynamic and real! She relates real experiences to didactic materials and knows what it's like to work as a manager in the real world."

Linda DeSantis, BSN, RN
Nurse Manager, 7 East and Day Medicine
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia