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Faith and Learning Mentors

The Center for Faith & Learning welcomes faculty of all faiths and from all VU colleges who are interested in exploring the intersection of one's faith journey (wherever you are) and intentional intellectual insight. 2 evenings a semester, dialogue with student scholars and faculty mentors about a pre-assigned reading. 

To be a CF&L Scholar program Faculty Mentor, complete form here.

This program is currently held online via Zoom - our commitment to "Community First".
We provide options and flexibility to teaching evening classes and sabbaticals.

This is a three-year program. Faculty members who begin their mentoring service in Fall 2021 will finish in Spring 2024, when their Scholars graduate.

The Faith and Learning Scholars Program functions as one, large, intentional faith community. Together, Mentors and Scholars explore the vocation of the mind and the intersection of faith and learning through the writings of leading academics.

The Center is currently facilitating three communities - a total of 110 Student Scholars and 76 faculty Mentors:

  • St. Monica III Group (current seniors)
  • St. Thomas of Villanova III community (current juniors)
  • St. Augustine IV group (current sophomores)

Each academic year, there are

  • Three Program Dialogues for each community 
  • One Program Dialogue for all members to gather as a community

Mentors will

  • Attend four Program Dialogues with their assigned Student Scholar per academic year; each dialogue is a 90-minute commitment
  • Be asked to review a provided reading and discuss it with other Mentors and Scholars (view past reading selections)
  • Be available (when possible or requested) to Student Scholars
  • Assess and evaluate the Scholar program

Faculty members can apply themselves or nominate another faculty member to be  Mentors. Please contact Beth Hassel. View a list of current Mentors.

The Center for Faith and Learning Program seeks to: 

  • provide opportunities for faculty and student conversations concerning the intersection of the life of the mind and the intentional faith journey, rooted in the Augustian tradition of learning through dialogue.
  • welcome all faiths into the program Dialogues

Through the intentional work of these faculty and student Dialogues, the Center for Faith & Learning seeks to prepare the next generation of students to integrate the faith journey and life learning into their emerging adult lives.  

Center for Faith and Learning  Logo

Beth Hassel, Director
Corr Hall 4
(610) 519-4088

Complete the Student Scholar Application for the CF&L Scholar program. This program will begin Fall 2024 academic year. Please contact Beth Hassel with questions. All applications must be complete no later than Friday, February 16 at 11:59pm. Faculty Mentor Applications for the CF&L Scholar program are now being accepted.