Faith and Learning Scholars Program

 “Augustine believed in the power of a community dedicated to the collective pursuit of truth and Christian friendship. At Villanova, this spirit comes alive through the students, faculty, staff, administrators, and Augustinian Friars who are united in a passionate pursuit of knowledge and service to others. This mutual commitment to Veritas, Unitas, Caritas – Truth, Unity, Love – serves as a living embodiment of the University’s Catholic and Augustinian mission and creates an environment that fosters exciting opportunities for learning and growth.”

Fr. Peter Donohue, OSA

Consistent with this visionary statement, the Center for Faith and Learning provides the opportunity to explore the vocation of the mind and the depths of the Spirit in the way of Augustine, who searched for knowledge in the context of community. 

The activities of the Center promote critical inquiry in the context of community and friendship, where those who enter the dialogue, seek integration of faith, which is the hallmark of Augustinian pedagogy. 

In the Faith and Learning Scholars program Faculty Mentors and Student Scholars together will:

  • discuss what it means to be engaged in a search for truth and to be dedicated to the intellectual life,
  • explore ways to balance contemplation and activity,
  • consider one’s future potential for service to society, the academy and the Church,
  • grow through knowledge to wisdom.

Program's First Scholars Graduate!

Program's First Scholars Graduate!

“Faith and Learning Scholars” program graduating senior Scholars are pictured with Center for Faith and Learning Founding Director Beth Hassel, PBVM, D.Min at the first Annual Recognition Dinner Dialogue held April 1.  In all 104 sophomore, junior and senior Scholars and their faculty Mentors from all colleges of the University gathered to enjoy a meal and discuss the scholarly article selected for the evening:  “Augustine’s Advice for Teachers and Students:  Ever Ancient, Ever New” by John Immerwahr, PhD, Philosophy.  At the end of the evening graduating senior Scholars were presented with red and gold Honor Cords by their faculty mentors, the color RED representing FAITH and the color GOLD representing WISDOM.  Senior Scholars wore their Honor Cords at Commencement. 

Pictured from left to right are:  Katherine Garvey, Villanova School of Business; Christine Lafferty, Villanova School of Business; Samantha Williams, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences; Danielle George, Villanova School of Business; Beth Hassel, PBVM, D.Min, Founding Director, Center for Faith and Learning; Samantha Thoma, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences; Matthew Whalen, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences; Christine Conroy, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences; Michael Corcoran, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences; and Anna Beeman, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.  Graduating senior Scholars not pictured:  Grace Cipressi, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and Thomas Horton, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.


St. Monica
St. Monica Group - Inspired by her prayerful persistence

Faith & Learning Scholars Program

St. Monica II group now being formed! 

Applications available

The formation process for the '15-'18 community of faculty Mentors and student Scholars (freshmen who will then be rising sophomores) now has begun!  Both the Mentor application and Scholar application are posted and ready for downloading. Deadlines are Feb 13 for Mentor applications and March 11 for Scholar applications.  Please see applications for details.

Please feel free to contact us at the Center for more information or to answer any questions you may have

Please see the Faculty Mentors and Student Scholars pages for more information on each.


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