Faith and Learning Scholars Program

 “At Villanova, the Spirit comes alive through the students, faculty, staff, administrators, and Augustinian Friars who are united in a passionate pursuit of knowledge and service to others. This mutual commitment to Veritas, Unitas, Caritas – Truth, Unity, Love – serves as a living embodiment of the University’s Catholic and Augustinian mission and creates an environment that fosters exciting opportunities for learning and growth.”
Fr. Peter Donohue, OSA

In order to nurture and bring this visionary statement to life, the Center for Faith and Learning hosts dinners at which 3 communities of Student Scholars and Faculty Mentors have the opportunity to discuss assigned academic readings as they:

  • explore the vocation of the mind and the depths of the Spirit within the context of community.
  • promote critical faith inquiry through open dialogue in a supportive community.

The Faith and Learning Scholars program is divided into 3 communities: sophomores, juniors and seniors. Faculty Mentors and Student Scholars together will:

  • discuss what it means to be engaged in a search for truth,
  • be dedicated to the pursuit of the intellectual life,
  • explore ways to balance contemplation and activity, and
  • consider one’s current and future potential for service to society

These are the readings Scholars and Mentors discuss during the dinners:

2018 - 2019 Academic Year:

2017 - 2018 Academic Year:

  • Spring - "Character and Vocation" by Douglas and Rhoda Jacobsen (Ch. 10 - No Longer Invisible: Religion in University Education)
  • Winter - "Why Believe?" by John Cottingham  (Ch. 1 - Belief & its Benefits)
  • Late Fall - "Habits of the Mind: Intellectual Life as a Christian Calling" by James W. Sire  (Ch. VII - The Intellectual Disciplines)
  • Fall - "What a Student Owes His Teacher" by James V. Schall, SJ  and "Convictions" by Douglas and Rhoda Jacobsen (Ch. 9 - No Longer Invisible: Religion in University Education)

2016-2017 Academic Year:

  • Spring 2017 - "Courage & Calling: Embracing Your God-given Potential" by Gordon Smith
  • Winter 2017 - "Augustine and Liberal Education" by Kim Pattenroth and Kevin Hughes (editors)
  • Late Fall - "Faith and the Life oif the Intellect" by Curtis Hancock and Brendan Sweetman
  • Fall - "St. Augustine: Continuum Library of Educational Thought" by Ryan Topping

St. Thomas Villanova II (Current Seniors):

  • Jessica Alhanouch
  • Leah Berman
  • Emily Brown
  • Nora Cipressi
  • Karen Copel
  • Elizabeth Cullen
  • Sarah Davis
  • Erin Donnelly
  • Katherine Dowdle
    Bruce Dunn
  • Julie Fabiano
  • Opeyemi Famakinwa
  • Colleen Foley
  • Danielle Fusaro
  • Allison Garippa
    Meghan Galvin
  • Bridget Gile
  • Karlee Grudi
  • Connor Healy
  • Matthew Heery
  • Shelly Henling
  • Kathryn Hodskins
  • Adrienne Jacob
  • Alexander Kochanik
  • Marissa Kurt
  • Emily LaPorte
  • Nawnora Manosca
  • Julia Morris
  • Abigail Nash
  • Kanyinsola Odunjo
  • Jeremy Puntel
  • Keegan Rand
  • Margaret Remley
  • Kristina Rodriguez
  • Christopher Rura
  • Keri Salanik
  • Rachel Schlegel
  • Sarah Sprinkle
  • William Summers
  • Sara Vaughn
  • James Wrobleski
St. Augustine III Community (Current Juniors):
  • Caroline Arnold
    Alyssa Balzarotti
  • Shea Blake
  • Jack Brenner
  • Abigail Carr
  • Alexa DeLeon
  • Brad deJesus
  • Marikate Desrosiers
  • Chris Deucher
  • Christina Dietzler
  • Matthew Dinehart
  • Gianna Dolan
  • Alysia Donohue
  • Anthony Eells
  • Nicholas Felix
  • Eileen Gaffney
  • Shelby Gallen
  • Hunter Gaudio
  • Clare Grindinger
  • Michael Grostas
  • Joshua Guevin
  • Ryan Henderson
  • Grant Hougo
  • MacKensie Jorgenson
  • Julie Kasunic
  • Jillian Kemble
  • Jimmy Lorenz
  • Daniel McDonough
  • Madelyn McQuillan
    Luca Mellor
  • Meagan Murray
  • Meghan O'Hara
  • Elizabeth Pace
  • Hannah Rao
  • Maura Rose
  • Paul Sarles
  • Emilia Scalaro
  • Emily Spahn
  • Frances Steadman
  • Amanda Vasilakis
    Hannah Weiss

St. Monica III Community (Current Sophomores):

  • Kyle Abo
  • Lilian Bui
  • Cristian Butrico
  • Gabriel Calvo
  • Dylan Carey
  • Michael Chadwell
  • Katie Connolly
  • Juliana Cosenza
  • Gregory Damas
  • Ha Dinh
  • Felicity Evans
  • Barbara Fiedorowicz
  • Jaivian Gaetan
  • Jacob Galgano
  • Christopher Galla
  • Ryan Gallagher
  • Rebekah Hamblett
  • Lauren Hurley
  • Evan Kohlsaat
  • Daphney Lebrun
  • Annelise Laughlin
  • Erin McGarry
  • Haley McClure
  • Karen McGuire
  • Lindsey McKula
  • Maria Molina
  • Alexandra Molino
  • Austin Nance
  • Tiffany Narvaez
  • Katherine Neville
  • Anthony Petrosino
  • Kayleigh Purcell
  • Jack Riedl
  • Andrea Romano
  • Christopher Rose
  • Julia Rowan
  • Jessica Sardina
  • Mikaela Sanson
  • Dominic Sceski
  • Eliana Uriona
  • Grace Wittenberg
  • Shannon White
  • Dylon Wynne
  • Justin Yagozinski

St. Monica III Community (Mentors to current Sophomores):

  • Luca Cottini (Romance Languages and Literature)
  • Allison Covey (Ethics)
  • Kevin DePrinzio (Theology & Religious Studies
  • Edward Fitzpatrick (Astrophysics & Planet Sciences)
    Kenneth Fleischer (Theology & Religious Studies)
    Verica Gajic (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Brett Grainger (Theology & Religious Studies)
  • Gregory Grimes (Augustine & Culture Seminar)
  • Margaret Grubiak (Humanities)
  • Lowell Gustafson (Political Science)
  • Keith Hendeson (Geology & the Environment)
  • Jerome Heppelmann (Finance)
  • Marylu Hill (Augustine & Culture Seminar)
    Kevin Hughes (Theology & Religious Studies)
  • Helen Lafferty (Education and Counseling)
  • James Mendez (Nursing)
  • Kaitlyn Muller (Mathematics & Statistics)
  • Manuel Nunez (Management & Operations)
  • Tracy Oliver (Nursing)
  • Michael Peters (Accountancy)
  • Theresa Rissell (Economics)
  • Ann Scheve (Nursing)
  • Juanita Weaver (Communications)
  • Carol Weingarten (Nursing)
  • Robert West (Accountancy)
    Jennifer Yost (Nursing)
St. Thomas Villanova II Community (Mentors to current Juniors)
  • Ruth Anolik (ACS)
  • Angelina Arcamore (Nursing)
  • Rachel Baard (ACS: Theology)
  • Timothy Brunk (ACS: Theology)
  • Sarah Burke (Economics)
  • Angela DiBenedetto (Biology)
  • Noel Dolan (ACS, English)
  • Rosaria Drago (Marketing, Law)
  • Jim Emig (Business Information)
  • Fr. Allan Fitzgerald, OSA (Theology)
  • Kathleen Grimes (Theology, Religious Studies)
  • Marta Guron (Chemistry)
  • Timothy Hanchin (Theology, Religious Studies)
  • Ed Hastings (Theology, Religious Studies)
  • Bonnie Henderson (Geography, Environmental Studies)
  • Tomas Hidalgo-Nava (Romance Languages)
  • Rebeka Karrant (Electrical Engineering, Computers)
  • Elizabeth Maldonado (Nursing)
  • Elizabeth-Jane McGuire (ACS)
  • Susan Meyers (Nursing)
  • Constance Murphy (Chemistry
  • Stephen Napier (Philosophy)
  • Olukunle Owolabi (Political Science)
  • Jennifer Ross (Nursing)
  • Barry Selinsky (Chemistry)
  • Dorothy Skaf (Mechanical Engineering)
  • James Trainer (Institutional Research)
  • Jonathan Yates (Theology & Religious Studies)
St. Augustine III Community (Mentors to current Sophomores)
  • Christopher Barnett (Theology)
  • Sherry Burrell (Nursing)
  • Peter Busch (ACS)
  • Paul Camacho (ACS)
  • Michael Capella (Marketing)
  • Fr. Francis Caponi, OSA (Theology)
  • Ian Clausen (ACS)
  • Christopher Daly (ACS)
  • Seth Matthew Fishman (Edication & Counseling)
  • Robert Giuliano (Chemistry)
  • Sunny Gaye Hallowell (Nursing)
  • Frank Hampton (Environmental Engineering)
  • Kathleen Iacocca (Management & Operations)
    Jennifer Joyce (English, Irish Studies, ACS)
  • Nancy Kelley (ACS)
  • Mary Kelly (Economics)
  • Fr. Martin Laird, OSA (Theology)
  • Ross Lee (Sustainable Engineering)
  • Bette Mariani (Nursing)
  • Steven McGuire (ACS)
  • James Murdoch (ACS: Ethics)
  • Melissa O'Connor (Nursing)
  • Nancy Sharts-Hopko (Nursing)
  • Robert Styer (Mathematics, Statistics)
  • Joseph Toscano (Psychology)
  • James Wilson (Humanities)

How have the readings helped you?

  • "The readings helped me to delve deeper into issues of faith and reason that I had not previously thought about."
  • "Depending on the reading, it has given me some new perspectives to think about and explore more for myself."
  • "The readings, though often not fully thought provoking, are a great jumping off point for discussing how faith is involved in my everday life.  The most helpful part of the program is realizing how there is always room for faith in the day to day happenings of life."
  • "The reading has helped me reflect on various aspects of my life that I otherwise typically overlook. Whether it be vocation, calling, prayer, or centering, the readings help provide insight on topics that are hard to bring up and harder to force yourself to think about. They also help make a starting point for a conversation during dinner."
  • "The readings have provided me with an insight as to how to live a faith-filled life while going about my daily activities and pursuing my passions in school and work."

What is your favorite part of being a Scholar?

  • "Getting a chance to discuss faith with people from all different backgrounds."
  • "Intergenerational dialogue with other members of the Villanova community - a real conversation over good food.

How has being a scholar in the Faith and Learning Scholars community helped you?

  • "Being a scholars in the Faith and Learning Scholars community has given me the ability to develop relationships with faculty mentors as well as other students who are interested in discussing matters of faith and reason."

How has the Scholar and Mentor relationship helped you?

  • "My mentor helped show me how these discussions will remain important in the years beyond graduation and how to keep them a part of my
  • "My mentor has allowed me to gain an understanding of how you can definitely live a principled life regrdless of occupation. Honestly, my mentor has been an immense inspiration as a woman committed to her faith and job. Faith is something that appears ever present to her regardless of how busy or overwhelmed she may become."

How has the spiritual support the Center for Faith and Learning provided helped you?

  • "The Center for Faith and Learning has cultivated my faith by challenging me and offering me opportunities for prayer and discussion. I have found the prayer trees during Advent to be especially meaningful, as I pray for another member of the community, and someone prays for me.
2018 Senior Scholars were recognized at the program's final dinner-dialogue of the year on April 12, 2018. Congratulations to our Graduates and many thanks to our Faculty Mentors who have completed their 3 year service to our program.
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Applications for the CF&L Scholars program Fall 2019 - Spring 2022 are no longer being accepted.

The application process will begin again January 2020.