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Restricted Party Screening

A major component of Villanova University's export controls compliance is to avoid entering into agreements with individuals or entities that are placed on any U.S restricted parties list. Export control regulations across various governing agencies (e.g. Commerce, State, and Treasury/OFAC, among others) broadly restrict a U.S. person (which for these purposes includes a U.S. university) from conducting or facilitating an export (and, financial transactions as well with respect to OFAC-sanctioned entities or persons) with restricted party-listed persons or entities that have been flagged because of national security, nuclear, chemical/biological, economic sanctions or other federal concerns. Conducting a transaction with such entities may be subject to license approval or a presumption of license denial, depending on the person, entity, and basis of agency control.

In order to comply with U.S export controls laws and regulations pertaining to restricted parties, Villanova University utilizes a software tool, Visual Compliance, to facilitate screening of entities and individuals against the federally maintained restricted party databases. As part of the University’s efforts to comply with U.S. export controls laws and regulations RPS will at times be a requirement for certain types of research/activities such as, but not limited to:

Certain Foreign Visitors & Scholars 

International Collaborations & Presentations

International Financial Transactions 

International Shipping

International Travel

Vendors and Independent Contractors

There are several offices that have the ability to conduct RPS and can provide assistance to you:

For Research: Office of Research Administration

For Procurement and Equipment Disposition or Transfers: Procurement Office or Controller’s Office

For Contracts: Office of the General Counsel

For Faculty and International Academic Programs or Collaborations: Office of the Provost

For Foreign Visitors and Scholars: Office of International Student Services

For Staff: Human Resources

For General Questions: University Compliance Office

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