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As part of the submission of a research project to the Office of Research Administration via the Cayuse system, faculty members/researchers are asked to complete a series of questions that will help to determine if further export controls review is required.  In such cases, the Office of Research Administration will provide an Export Controls Review Form for completion by the faculty member/researcher. Upon review of the completed form, the Office of Research Administration, University Compliance Office and/or Office of the General Counsel will work collaboratively to assist the faculty member/researcher regarding the next steps to ensure compliance with the U.S. export controls laws and regulations.  These steps may include, without limitation, the negotiation of certain contractual provisions and/or limitations, the removal of restrictions on the participation of foreign nationals, the removal of publication restrictions which exceed certain parameters, and the creation of a Technology Control Plan that sets forth the administrative, physical and technological safeguards that must be put in place in order for the project to be carried out.

For more information regarding the Office of Research Administration export control processes, please contact the Research Administration Offices.

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