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Facultas Award Nomination Ballot

Purpose of the Award

  1. To acknowledge and honor the contributions of staff members of the Villanova community, who work at the university level, as opposed to department, program, or college level.
  2. To focus attention on the vital, yet often unnoticed, services essential to the smooth and efficient functioning of the Villanova community, especially for the academic faculty.
  3. To recognize persons who would not otherwise be recognized by other University mechanisms.
  4. To reinforce among our fellow faculty the importance and diversity of staff support work in all areas of the University.

Facultas Award Nomination

Description: The Facultas Award honors staff members who are among Villanova's "unsung heros and heroines," the deserving staff members who have been of special help to the faculty, but might not otherwise receive recognition. The Faculty Congress seeks nominations of staff members whose contributions extend beyond any one particular program, department, or college. While the Faculty Congress recognizes the significant contribution of all staff members, it encourages more local units to find ways to honor meritorious staff members whose exceptional contributions are not campus-wide.

For exceptional contribution at the department or college level, please consider instead nominating your staff colleague for one of the Staff Council Awards.

All that is required is the name of your nominee along with a very brief nomination statement, entered below: