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Facultas Award Call for Nominations

Call For Nominations



  1. To acknowledge and honor the contributions of staff members of the Villanova community, who work
    at the university level, as opposed to department, program, or college level.
  2. To focus attention on the vital, yet often unnoticed, services essential to the smooth and efficient
    functioning of the Villanova community, especially the academic faculty.
  3. To recognize persons who would not otherwise be recognized by other University mechanisms.
  4. To reinforce among our fellow faculty the importance and diversity of staff support work in all areas
    of the University.

Informal Standards and Guidelines:

  1. The Facultas Award is presented once each year by the Faculty Congress, on behalf
    of the faculty as a whole. Prior to 2015-2016, this award was presented twice per year (one award in
    the Fall and one award in the Spring)
  2. The award should go to staff from a variety of areas to recognize their diverse contributions to the
    university community.
  3. We will try to choose staff members who are not “high profile”; that is, generally lower in the
    administrative hierarchy.
  4. We avoid nominating staff members who have taught as long-term adjunct faculty members.
  5. Beginning with Fall 2003, the award consists of a plaque plus a Wildcard gift certificate.
  6. Each year, the Faculty Congress will solicit nominations from the faculty as a whole. Nominations require only a brief statement from a faculty member describing the service for which the nominee deserves the award. Based on these statements, the Congress Awards Committee will
    review and rank the nominees and recommend one nominee to receive that year's award.
  7. We have traditionally kept the nomination secret from the recipient and then presented the award at
    some suitable occasion to be arranged in cooperation with their supervisor, the Faculty Congress
    chairperson, and a photographer from Media Relations.
  8. The presentation script for this award is mostly based on quotes that we solicit from the nominee's immediate supervisor, and from faculty and selected staff.
Year Award Winner
2022-2023 Joyce Harden, Center for Graduate Research and Education
Fall 2021 Staff members of Health Services 
Fall 2020 Imelda Montemayor, Facilities Management
Fall 2019 Kevin Bowie, Facilities Management
Spring 2019 Bev Irwin, Custodial Services
Fall 2017 Barbara Romano, Honors Program
Spring 2017 Beth Hassel, Center for Faith and Learning
Spring 2015 Cathy Matkowski, OUS
Fall 2014 Ankit Desai, UNIT
Spring 2014 David Upsal, Falvey Library
Fall 2013 Hubert Whan Tong, Office of Education Abroad
Spring 2013 Jean Monroe, UNIT
Fall 2012 Carolyn Bruce, Office of the Registrar
Spring 2012 Susan Ottignon, Falvey Library
Fall 2011 Anne Mattia, Office of Academic Affairs
Spring 2011 Teri O'Brien, Office of Student Life
Fall 2010 Josephine Ianieri, Custodial Service
Spring 2010 Jim Mullen, Dining Services
Fall 2009 Walter Thomas, Office of Mail Services
Spring 2009 Barbara Cullen, International Studies
Fall 2008 Barbara Quintiliano, Falvey Library
Spring 2008 Richard Wack, Center for Instructional Technologies
Fall 2007 Domenick Liberato, Falvey Library, Access & User Assistance
Spring 2007 Mary Clifford, Office of the VPAA
Fall 2006 Annetta Stowman, Connelly Center
Spring 2006 Phylis Wright, Falvey Library, Interlibrary Loan Office
Fall 2005 Rachel Schaller, UNIT, Instructional Technologies
Spring 2005 Sarah Eunice, Graphic Services, Bartley Hall Print Center
Fall 2004 Bente Polites, Falvey Library, Special Collections and Reference
Spring 2004 Catherine Kolongowski, UNIT
Fall 2003 Michael Sullivan, Ground Services
Spring 2002 Marybeth Avioli, UNIT
Fall 2000 David Goodman, Public Safety
Fall 1999 Kitty Fogarty and Floss Croll, Dining Services
Spring 1999 Henry Ramsey, Housekeeping
Fall 1998 Ed Castrege, Bookshop
Winter 1998 Brenda Tribuiani, Dining Services
Spring 1997 Joan Lesovitz, UNIT
Winter 1997 George Cerio, Maintenance
Fall 1996 Therese Dougherty, Library
Spring 1996 Harry Gray, Graphic Services
Winter 1996 Joan Lynch, Registrar
Winter 1995 Carolyn Lea, University Senate & Faculty Senate Secretary