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E2SI Students Deliver Unique Products in Culminating Class Presentations

Among the many hands-on E2SI activities is an engine-building workshop.
Among the many hands-on E2SI activities is an engine-building workshop.

In 2018, the Villanova Engineering Entrepreneurship Summer Institute (E2SI) launched with 16 students; in 2019, enrollment grew to 24 with a mix of majors, from Engineering and Computer Science to Latin American Studies and Psychology. Challenging them to develop their problem-solving and creative thinking skills, students in this unique seven-week program learn how to take their ideas from paper to prototype—earning an Engineering Entrepreneurship minor in the process.

Through what is considered by many to be the most rewarding academic experience of their college careers, E2SI (which is also available as a traditional, three-year minor) introduces students to entrepreneurial technologies, feasibility analysis, prototyping, business principles, venture planning and more, not with standard-fare lectures and books, but with first-hand lessons from those who have “been there and done that.” At the end of the program, the tables are turned, quite literally, so that mentors, venture capitalists, corporate executives and other guests are seated while student teams take the stage to pitch the products they spent the summer developing.

What follows are this summer’s teams and some of the responses their presentations garnered from the audience:

Buck-A- Roo: This magnetic and blue-tooth enabled smart latch for an infant’s car seat is designed to make loading and unloading easy.

"Clear presentation. Value proposition is easily understandable; good Kickstarter project."

"Well researched—safety always trumps convenience; loved the video!” 

“Great responses to audience questions.”

Monni: Worn by children, this eco-friendly bracelet synchs to a parent’s smart device and alerts them if their child moves beyond a pre-set range.

 "Great utilization of campus resources like the law school! Very realistic and cost-effective early partnerships suggestions. 

“Idea is clearly articulated. Unique niche seems to have been found." 

“Consider also for geriatric use!"

Stack Pack: Connected with magnetics, this stackable/modular backpack enables the user to only carry what they need.

"Clever idea—high potential for commercialization; clear, understandable, quick fit clasp is cool! Wonderful Kickstarter project."

 “Good for back health! Get endorsement from doctors. Great prototyping; value is clear."

"Easy to visualize."

Valiant: This garment relieves menstrual cramps through heat and massage.

"I think your timing is great! I think the market right now is prime for this kind of product."

"Value proposition was established, answered questions well, video was fun, nice energy, solid overall presentation.”

"Bravo! Great work breaking stigma!"

Table Tech: For restaurants, this smart ordering system enables customized listening to TV programs or music, along with efficient engagement with servers.

"Great presentation with WOW!”

"Nice job establishing need and how you're different."

"Nice energy, great presentation, good use of video, liked the real demo."

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