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Moeness Amin Shares Expertise in China

Dr. Moeness Amin
Dr. Moeness Amin

Dr. Moeness Amin, director of Villanova’s Center for Advanced Communications, traveled to China in October 2018 to share his internationally renowned expertise in the field of radar. In Beijing, at Behang University, he presented a two-day short course on “Compressive Sensing for Radar.” In Nanjing, he delivered a plenary at the Institution of Electronics and Technology (IET) Radar conference. Speaking on “Dual Function Radar Communication Systems: Radar as a System of Opportunity,” Dr. Amin discussed the crowded frequency spectrum problem and provided solutions of co-existence of radio frequency services, especially radar and communications—a subject on which he has an on-going National Science Foundation grant.  

After the plenary, Dr. Amin returned to Beijing where he gave a daylong tutorial at Beijing Institute of Technology on “Radar for Indoor Monitoring,” one of Dr. Amin’s leading research areas and in which he has current funding from Comcast for smart homes. This topic was also the subject of an October 22 piece by Scitech Europa titled “Radar for Diagnosis, Rehabilitation and Assisted Living,” which referenced Dr. Amin’s work with the Signal Processing Group at Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany.

Earlier this year, Dr. Amin was presented with two prestigious best paper awards. He won the IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Magazine’s Harry Rowe Mimno Award for “Signaling Strategies for Dual-Function Radar Communications: An Overview,” and the Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society’s M. Barry Carlton Award for “Multipath Exploitation in Through-the-Wall Radar Imaging Using Sparse Reconstruction.” Dr. Amin has a decade-long tradition of averaging at least one best paper award each year.