Entrepreneurship Minor

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As an Entrepreneurship minor, students are exposed to an applied academic approach to the study of entrepreneurship by learning business fundamentals such as accounting, finance, management, and marketing in the context of planning, launching, and dismantling a business.

Numerous trends in society are driving a heightened focus on entrepreneurial skills. Many existing companies are explicitly setting expectations for and placing value on employees with entrepreneurial skills. Companies like IBM, DuPont, W.L. Gore, and Google encourage employees to take up to 20 percent of their time to think entrepreneurially about the development of potential new offerings and business opportunities. Merck Pharmaceuticals now assesses job applicants based on their ability to think creatively, and in some cases emphasize that criteria more heavily than any other factor. Existing companies are recognizing the value of creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurial thinking within their organizations.

While students at VSB might not consider themselves entrepreneurs, many spend their time thinking about creative ways to enhance a service trip or develop innovative ideas to increase the effectiveness of special events. Thus, the importance and value of innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship apply to more than Fortune 500 companies and new business start-ups. Students choosing the Entrepreneurship minor will learn these skills and will be able to articulate their preparedness to potential employers or investors.

Minor Requirements

Required Minor Courses


ENT 2020 - fulfills MGT elective or a free elective
ENT 2021 - may fulfill MKT elective or a free elective
ENT 2022/2023 - fulfills a free elective

Student Societies and Extracurricular Activities

The Villanova Entrepreneurial Society brings guest speakers to campus to discuss entrepreneurial career opportunities and business plan competitions.

The Center for Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship (ICE Center) is closely affiliated with the Entrepreneurship minor. The ICE Center fosters a culture of creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial thinking within the Villanova community. While offering traditional support to budding student-entrepreneurs, the ICE Center’s larger mission is unique by providing workshops, programs, and events geared toward enabling students to differentiate themselves and stand out in the marketplace as creative and innovative thinkers. The ICE Center also administers the Meyer Innovation and Creative Excellence Award, given each year to students and faculty to recognize a spirit of innovation and creativity that enhances the Villanova community.

Type of Job Opportunities

Students who minor in Entrepreneurship will be prepared for a wide variety of careers in every dimension of the business world - from international consulting firms to entrepreneurial opportunities.

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