Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate Business Programs and The Clay Center

The Villanova School of Business provides an exceptional business education that is rigorous, highly relevant, and rich in Augustinian values. VSB students take approximately 50% of required courses in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. The balance of business and liberal arts coursework serves to instill the fundamentals of critical insight, mature judgment, and independent thinking, and fosters a sense of the importance of values and the moral responsibility of caring for others and working for the betterment of society.

VSB prepares students for success in a global marketplace by presenting real-world information—integrated, fluid, and driven by technology and analytics. Students learn how to solve problems creatively, to lead responsibly, and to understand where their field of study fits within the larger context of global business. The knowledge learned, combined with technical skills, helps students become well rounded graduates with the tools necessary to be successful in any career path. 

The Clay Center at VSB provides undergraduate students with program services to support academic, personal, and professional growth. The Clay Center serves as a “one-stop shop” offering academic advising and planning, support for internships and CoOps, and professional development opportunities. These support services help students achieve their goals.

VSB Fast Facts

  • Bloomberg Businessweek undergraduate ranking: #24 in the nation
  • Size of incoming class in 2014: 410
  • Number of applications for admissions received: 4,599
  • SAT mid-range scores for typically-accepted students: 1360–1410 
  • Average salary for VSB grads: $57,000
  • Percent of VSB students graduating in 2014 who study abroad: 62%
  • Student to faculty ratio at VSB: 15 to 1