Business Law & Corporate Governance Minor

image of a contract

Students who minor in Business Law & Corporate Governance develop a robust understanding of the legal and ethical impact of business practices and the global economy. Students learn about contracts, commercial transactions, forms of business entities, and other legal issues. Students also learn how business entities are governed and managed and the rights and obligations of the entities’ stakeholders. Most importantly, Business Law & Corporate Governance minors are presented with a focus on ethical decision making and socially responsible behavior.

A minor in Business Law & Corporate Governance will add value to a career as almost all areas of business - from employment practices to product and service promotion to accounting and reporting compliance - have a myriad set of legal issues. On the personal side, most people will sign an agreement of sale for real estate, sign a mortgage agreement, sign numerous other contracts, plan an estate and much more. An understanding of business law will be of real value for years to come.

Minor Requirements

Required Minor Courses

Three courses listed below. Two must be BL courses, one of which must be BL 2135 or BL 2185.