Annual Recognition & Excellence Awards

Each year, University Staff Council honor professional contributions and quality service of our Villanova staff with special public acknowledgment for their contributions and exemplary work. USC oversees the distribution of three awards to members of the Villanova University staff.

While the nomination process varies for each award, recognition for all award recipients occurs at an awards luncheon hosted by Fr. Peter Donohue. Award recipients and selected guests will be invited to attend this annual event.  Awards for the 2023-2024 Academic Year will be announced in mid-April, 2024.




The deadline for nominations is March 15th each year.  Look for a formal announcement of award winners in April.


The purpose of the Above and Beyond Award is to recognize individuals and groups who go above and beyond the routine call of duty. This award differs from the Distinguished Service and Work Process Improvement Award in that it commends individual events, activities and projects.

Selection Criteria

The recipients of this award will have performed a significant action or service that:

  • Surpasses the requirements of their job description;
  • Is voluntary;
  • Is unexpectant of compensation in time off or payment;
  • Is either within or outside of their scheduled work hours.

For example, the nurses of the Student Health Center were the first recipients of this award.  They were recognized for working extra hours, bringing in homemade food, doing extra laundry, etc. in support of the students during a flu epidemic on campus.


The recipient must have:

  • Full or part time Villanova University faculty or staff member status,  or have retired within the award year;
  • A clean personnel file record.

A nominee may receive additional Above and Beyond Awards:

  • If they are nominated for examples that meet the selection criteria that are DIFFERENT from prior nominations.
  • They have not received an Above and Beyond Award in three calendar years.

Nomination Process

Nominations may be submitted by any member of the campus community (administrators, staff, faculty or students). Nomination forms must be submitted prior to the deadline and must be complete for consideration. Self nominations will not be accepted.

Selection Process

Nominations will be accepted continuously until March 6 of each award year.  The Selection Team will review nominations once a year based upon the selection criteria detailed above.


Recognition for all award recipients occurs at an annual awards luncheon hosted by Fr. Peter Donohue, University President.

There are two annual Distinguished Service Awards. One is designed to recognize an individual staff member for consistent excellence, exceptional performance and service to the University community. The second award honors a group of individuals who, as a team, completes a special work project or activity during the fiscal year. The work project or activity cannot be a day to day activity of the department or of its team members. This team must have representation from at least two offices; employees from a single work unit are not eligible.

Selection Criteria

Awards will be given based upon the extent to which the nominee (individual or team) meets the following three criteria:

Consistent Excellence
Those who, day in and day out, demonstrate excellence in their attitude and performance. Some examples:

  • Interacts with others in a positive, enthusiastic and cheerful manner
  • Commands the respect of co-workers, supervisor, students and others
  • Assists others with both personal and professional challenges that impact work life
  • Demonstrates extensive knowledge and competence in a wide array of work related topics
  • Uses knowledge and expertise to troubleshoot/solve problems quickly
  • Handles a large workload effectively and in a timely fashion
  • Acts as a team player and encourages teamwork in others
  • Exhibits a high degree of professionalism

Exceptional Performance
Those who demonstrate exceptional performance, above and beyond the call of duty and/or completed a task with a high level of excellence. Some examples:

  • Accepts responsibilities and performs duties above and beyond what is normally expected
  • Works extra hard to help complete a critical work project/s
  • Plays a key role in remedying a crisis or an emergency
  • Provides services which are outside the scope of normal work duty
  • Completes challenging tasks with little direction or supervision

Villanova Community
Those who perform an activity which significantly enhances our sense of community or fosters a community spirit. Some examples:

  • Serves on University committees that promote the department/University and its staff and students
  • Acts as a mentor for others by providing advice, guidance, feedback and encouragement
  • Helps to integrate new employees or supervisors into the work environment
  • Shares personal knowledge and skills with others in an effort to promote the welfare of staff and students
  • Serves as a positive role model for others


Individual Award
All full-time and part-time staff employees (excluding Vice Presidents, Associate Vice Presidents, Assistant Vice Presidents, Executive Directors, Deans, and all other individuals who directly report to the President's Office) who have at least two years of service by the nomination deadline are eligible. Retirees may be eligible if they were employed during the fiscal year, June 1 through May 31. Employees who have previously received this award are not eligible, however, individuals previously nominated who did not win are eligible with the submission of a current nomination packet. A list of past winners will be updated annually. Faculty and student employees or work study students are ineligible for this award.

Team Award
In the spirit of community and commitment to quality improvement, work teams are also eligible for a special team award. A team may be comprised of any two or more community members (including all full-time and part-time staff, students and faculty) who work as a team to complete a special work project or activity during a fiscal year. This team must have representation from at least two offices: employees from a single work unit are not eligible. The work project or activity cannot be a day to day activity of a department or of its team members.

Previous award winners or nominees, either individual or team, along with current individual nominees are eligible to be included in a work team nomination.  An individual may be a member of several nominated teams.

Nomination Process

Nominations and letters of support may be submitted by any member of the campus community (administrators, staff, faculty or students) throughout the course of the year. Nominations must be made and completed using the online form by the deadline of each year. 

The completed nomination package will be reviewed by Human Resources and placed in each nominees' personnel file.  Human Resources will verify that the nominated employee is in good standing with the University.NOTE: Any Villanova employee may nominate or write a letter of support for only one person and/or one team.

Selection Process

All nominees will be judged in comparison to all other nominees for the current fiscal year. Examples and achievements will only be considered if they are related to work in the department and/or at the University. Each committee member will use a ten-point scale to rate the nominees based on the Nomination Statement. Letters of support will then be reviewed. An average score will be developed for each nominee. A run-off vote will then be conducted with the top three scorers to determine the awardee who will be recommended to the President. The President will approve all awards.


One individual award and one team award may be given in each fiscal year. Where there are no outstanding candidates, no awards will be given.

Each Individual Award winner will receive $1,500 and a plaque. In addition, awardees will have their names inscribed on a permanent plaque prominently displayed on campus.

Each Team Award winner will receive an award certificate and be invited to a lunch with the President. In addition, each department represented on the team will be given a plaque with the team name and members listed. The team name will also be inscribed on a permanent plaque for display at the University.

The Work Process Improvement Award is designed to recognize those individuals or teams who have made suggestions which result in meaningful work process improvements and/or work redesigns.

Selection Criteria

The award will be given for suggestions which have been adopted at Villanova University. The improved processes must meet at least two of the following four criteria:

  • The project/improved process enhances the quality of services provided by the University
  • The project/improved process enhances operational efficiency
  • The project/improved process generates revenue
  • The project/improved process generates a documentable cost savings


All Villanova University faculty, staff and students (full-time and part-time) are eligible. Teams of up to four individuals may be nominated to receive the award.  An individual/team may not receive an award more than once per fiscal year.

Nomination Process

Any Villanovan may nominate himself/herself or others by completing the nomination form. Nominations must be made by the deadline each year. 

Selection Process

The WPI Selection Committee will review the nominations received by using the criteria as a guideline. If the committee requires additional information, the nominator will be contacted. Depending upon the volume of nominations, awards will be made twice during the academic year near the end of each term.


The value of the award is $100 credited to the awardee's Villanova University Nova Bucks debit account.  If the awardees are part of a team, the $100 award will be divided equally among the winning members' Nova Bucks accounts. Typically awards are presented in person by WPI Selection Committee member(s) at a meeting of the recipient's full department. 

The recipient(s) will be acknowledged at the community event scheduled after the awards have been distributed and in campus-wide communications.

Image of the Villanova choir at a performance


University Staff Council partners with the staff award committees to host a lunch with Father Peter for award winners each year. This lunch is meant to bring recognition to their hard work and dedication. Villanova University is truly thankful for their efforts and we know they will continue to work hard to improve the lives of their co-workers, students, and the entire extended Villanova community!



November 2021 Villagnome Award Recipient

Department of Human Resources

August/September 2021 Villagnome Award Recipient

Debra Villano - Assistant Registrar - Office of the Registrar

May 2021 Villagnome Award Recipient

Christine Quisenberry - Director of Presidential Initiatives and Events - Office of the President

April 2021 Villagnome Award Recipient

Nick Tumolo - Division of Student Life - Assistant Dean of Students & Community First Committee



December 2020 Villagnome Award Recipient

Robert DeLange – Facilities Management

November 2020 Villagnome Award Recipient

UNIT Classroom Technologies Team: Frank Palmarino, Brian Baker, Samuel Davidson, Evan Dorsey, David Gregorio, Chris Pyle, Daniel Steinman, and Terry Van Keuren


October 2020 Villagnome Award Recipient

Mary McGonigle, Michael Duncan, Mary Agnes Ostick and the entire staff of the Student Health Center


September 2020 Villagnome Award Recipient

Alice Lenthe, Environmental Health and Safety


August 2020 Villagnome Award Recipients

Shaun Ahner, Facilities

Lindsay Bair, CLAS/Biology

Pam Braxton and Carolyn Bruce, Registrar/Enrollment Management

Meghan Dietzler, Campus Ministry

Kelly Dougherty, Joseph Hohman, and Greg Masso, Residence Life

Melinda Germa, VSB/Clay Center

Eydiejo Kurchan, CLAS/Chemistry

Susan Morgan, Registrar/Enrollment Management

Julie Morrison, University Advancement

Office of Diversity Equity and Inclusion (Terry Nance, Alex Iannucci, Sheryl Perlmutter Bowen, Ariella Robbins, Alberta Parsons) 

Dave Roth, Facilities

Sandy Upton, University Advancement

Alvin Wong, UNIT



Above and Beyond Award

Individual Awards

Kathy Gallagher, UNIT

Kathleen Vicente, Student Involvement

Lawrence Cozzens, HRD

Marie Pelcin, HRD


Distinguished Service Award

Individual Award

Lorraine D’Alleva, Financial Assistance


Team Award

Katie Nadorlik, CLAS

Dan DeVos, UNIT

Jean Kong, UNIT

Lisa Kemble, UNIT

Kelly Grentz, University Communication and Marketing

Work Process Improvement

Individual Awards

Abigail Rutledge, Education and Counseling

Linda Lindley, Public Safety

Anita Burry, Nursing

Mario Lozada, Nursing

Villlagnome Award

Betty DeRita, Facilities

Marcus Williams, Connelly Center

Alexis Robinson, Director of Financial Aid



Above and Beyond Award

Individual Awards

Team Award

Distinguished Service Award

Individual Award


Team Award

Work Process Improvement

Individual Awards

Team Awards

Villagnome Award

Mary Lou Glenn, Office of the Provost

Nick Tumulo, Commencement Committee

Lorraine D'Alleva, Office of Financial Assistance

Katie Nadorlik, CLAS Graduate Studies

Graphic Services



Above and Beyond Award

Individual Awards

Steven Schultz, Charles Widger School of Law

Bonnie Lyons, Graphic Services

Cathy DeGrazio, UNIT

Elizabeth (Betty) Madden, Dining Services

Tim O'Connell, Campus Ministry

Distinguished Service Award

Individual Award

Diane Mozzone, CLAS Political Science Department



Work Process Improvement

Team Awards

Electronic Grade Change Process

Susan, UNIT

Kathy Liberato and Carol Mitchell, Office of the Registrar


Slate Implementation (Undergraduate)

Melanie Egan, Maureen Healey, and Candice Keith from Office of Undergraduate Admission

Susan Morgan from Enrollment Management



Above and Beyond Award

Individual Awards

Kevin Donahue, UNIT

Ashish Desai, UNIT

MaryLou Glenn, Office of the Provost

Jennifer Carangi, Education and Counseling

Lindsay Bair, Biology

Nikki Hornsberry, Student Life

Linda Lindley, Parking

John Tiedmann, Public Safety

Suzanne Wentzel, University Communication


Team Award


Frank Palamarino

Brian Baker

Terry VanKeuren

Chris Pyle

Sam Davidson

Evan Dorsey

Crispin May

Scott Brady

Distinguished Service Award


Individual Award

Maureen Galia, Health Services

Over 20 years of excellent health service!


Team Award

EH&S and Chemistry

Life Safety Box

Alice Lenthe, EH&S

Eric Welsh, EH&S

Eydie Jo Kurchan, Chemistry

Cian Watts, Chemistry

Janean Tiggett, Chemistry


Work Process Improvement

Individual Awards

Linda Buonanno, Graduate Studies

Late Fee Assessment and Tracking of Graduation Applications


Emily Hatcher, Graduate Studies

Virtual Information Session


Kevin Grubb, Career Center

Handshake Implementation


Team Awards

Graphic Services

NovaDocs portal for campus documents

Bonnie Lyons

Jenn Koder

Barb Joyce


University Advancement

Endowment and Stewardship Dashboard

Jessie Chen

William Thompson


Finance, Procurement & UNIT

NovaPay Expense Reporting and Reimbursement

Wendy Kinsey

Michelle Dougherty

Rob Mott

Dave Mullen

John Durham


Villagnome Award

Graphic Services

Karen Gause, Senior Law Librarian



Above and Beyond Award

Individual Awards

Kevin Behrens, Public Safety

Nikolaus Fogle, Falvey Library

Michele Breslin, Residence Life

Michelle Johnson, Payroll Office

Chad Fahs, Department of Communication

Anne Hischar, Computing Science

Micky (Naorwarat) Schlanger, Custodial Services

Nancy Peltier, Biology

Jonathan Graziola, CLAS


Distinguished Service Award

Individual Award

Hubert Whan Tong, International Students & Disability Services


Work Process Improvement

Individual Awards

Eydiejo Kurchan, Chemistry Dept.

Team Awards

Judy Gentile, Continuing Studies

Amy Rockwell, Student Life

Timothy Toth, UNIT


Villagnome Award

Deb Tyksinski, Dean, College of Professional Studies

MaryLou Glenn, Research and Graduate Programs

Rev. Peter Donohue, University President

Liesel Schwarz, Sustainability Manager

Connelly Center Dining Services Team

Allison Venella, Athletics



Above and Beyond Award

Kevin Bowie

Ann McCabe

Linda Mariani

Cindy May

Najib Nadi

Marie Paolucci

Christopher Townend

Amber Viescas

Distinguished Service Award

Individual - Hubert Whan-Tong, Office for International Students and Disability Services


Work Process Improvement Award

December 2014

Individual Award - Eydiejo Kurchan, Chemistry Department, College of Liberal Arts and Science

Team Award - College of Professional Studies: Judy Gentile, Continuing Studies; Amy Rockwell, Student Life (formerly of Continuing Studies); and Tim Toth, UNIT


May 2014

Individual Award - Christine DellaPenna, Clay Center, Villanova School of Business


Team Award - Melissa Gerding, Registrar's Office; Susan Hill, John Brzezicki, Christopher Washburn, UNIT

Villagnome Award

Marybeth Avioli and UNIT Staff

Anne Ford, Falvey Library

Dining Services, Public Safety, Grounds and the Health Center

Helen Tursi, Helen Mercanti and the USC Community Committee



Above and Beyond Award

Rob DiPaulo

John Gebhart

Jerry Glenn

Erin Horn

Geraldine Jackson

Barbara Joyce

Jennifer Koder

Jennifer Leatherman

Bonnie Lyons

Joseph O'Pella

Nancy Pecora

Jessica Schwartz

Roger Stumpo

Russell Vitale

Albert Baladez

Tom Casey

Sue Leighton

Marci Paton

Autumn Sunderlin


Distinguished Service Award

Individual - Linda Buonanno, Office of Graduate Studies


Work Process Improvement Award

May 2013

Individual Award - David Uspal, Falvey Memorial Library


Team Award - Christine Altman and Taryn Kay, Creative Services


Villagnome Award

Father Chris Drennen and Campus Ministry

Vince Nicastro, Athletics

Mary Jane Magee, Campus Ministry (retired)

Amy Spare, Law School Library

UNIT – Matt Morrisey, Emil Kotschneff, Martin McDonnell, Jeff Rule, Rob Watson

Rick Launderslager, Grounds/Recycling

Conference Services – Ron Diment, Sue Scollon, Stefanie Austinat

Executive Campaign Committee – Heather Potts Brown, Cathleen Parsons-Nikolic, William Green, Patricia McGoldrick, Mary Cunningham, Kathy Welsch, James Garvey, Amy Layman, George Kolb, Anne Hoelzle, Emily Spitale



Above and Beyond Award

John Bonass

Renee Boyd-Shaw

Michele Breslin

Anita Burry

Louise Carbone

David Gregorio

Richard Hall

Michael Hoffberg

Nikki Hornsberry

Linda Lindley

Susan Markert

Diane McCullough

Daniel McGee

Leslie McNamee

Joseph Michl

Louis Piccirelli

Marita Podder

Kathleen Nazar

Peggy Shafer

Elisa Wiley

Michael Wilson


Distinguished Service Award

Individual Award - Michelle Capobianchi , Dining Services


Work Process Improvement Award

December 2012

Individual Award - Justin Ledesma, Undergraduate Admissions


Team Award - Susan Jacobs and Woo Cheng, Graduate Arts and Sciences



Above and Beyond Award

Joan Davis

Maria D'Alicandro

Tom DeMarco

Janet Duffy

Kathy Gallagher

Caryl Keet

Meghan Mogan

Teresa Scully


Distinguished Service Award

Individual Award - Carol Anthony, Center for Peace and Justice


Work Process Improvement Award




Above and Beyond Award

Carolyn Arena

John Brzezicki

Vincent DiMatteo

Dining Services

John Donahue

Evan Dorsey

Barbara Downs

Facilities Management

John Foster

Marek Grinberg

Richard Laudenslager

John Mackay II

Mail Services

Barbara Nolan

Jennifer Pohlhaus

Public Safety

Sharon Roth-DeFulvio

Student Health Center

Helen Tursi


Distinguished Service Award

Individual Award - Nancy Mott, Learning Support Services

Work Process Improvement Award



Above and Beyond Award

Venessa Anderson

Carol Anthony

Archyn Brew Butler

Xiao Lin

Etta Nase

Joan Prendergast

Nora Ramos

Distinguished Service Award

Individual Award - Marybeth Avioli, University Information Technologies


Team Award – University Staff Council Implementation Team: John DiSimone, Facilities Management Office; Robin Ethengain, Dining Services Operations; John Kelley, Planning & Institutional Research ; Cathy Mairs, Office of Financial Assistance; Bob Mays, University Information Technologies; Jane Morris, Center for Undergraduate Research & Fellowship; Joan O'Brien, Planning & Institutional Research; Chrissy Quisenberry, Office of the President; Barbara Romano, Honors Program; Helen Tursi, College of Engineering 

Work Process Improvement Award




Above and Beyond Award

Linda Buonanno

John Carvalho

Mary Lou Glenn

Mary Quilter

Luisa Ruggieri

Richard Wack

Robert Watson

Carolann Weidmayer

Distinguished Service Award

Team Award - Midnight Shift Recognition Team - John Barthmaier, Custodial Services; Beth Green, Human Resources; Joan Hawley, Campus Ministry; Beth Jewell, Astronomy Department; Joan O'Brien, OPTIR; Mary Quilter, Ethics Program; Christine Rittenhouse, Dining Services

Work Process Improvement Award




Above and Beyond Award

Joseph Ahern

Justin Barber

Donna Blaszkowski

Miriam Blimm

Carolyn Bruce

Lorraine D'Alleva

Gayle Doyle

Anna-Marie Filoramo

Howard Fulmer

Lorraine Gallagher-Williams

Helen Heron

Gerry Jones

Helen Major

Nancy Mott

Christine Rittenhouse

Tony Scanzano

Bill Smith

Sam Yousif

Staff of Picotte Hall at Dundale

Distinguished Service Award

Individual Award - Stephen McWilliams, International Students & Disability Services

Team Award - Learning Communities Platform Team - Pam Braxton & Pat Garland, Registrar's Office;Marie Schauder, Residence Life: Marylu Hill, Center for Liberal Education; Teri O'Brien, Student Life

Work Process Improvement Award

October 2007

Team Award - John Bonass, Wildcard Office; Kathy Bracken, Career Services; Brenda Stover, VSB


Above and Beyond Award

Christine Acchione

Kathy Bracken

Mary Clifford

Denise Gorman

Mary Kay Klara

Office Hank Lacinski

Pat McCabe

Carol Mitchell

Jeanne Mordison

Nancy Pecora

Chrissy Quisenberry

Nancy Rambo

Michael Sullivan

Lt. Vince Thomas

Sue Uphoff

Karen Wolfe

Distinguished Service Award



Work Process Improvement Award

October 2006

Team Award - Debbie Patch & Donna Gilman, Public Safety



Above and Beyond Award

Carolyn Arena

Joanna Aversa Gallagher

Mary Beth Avioli

John Bartmaier

Jameson Chace

Bernadette Dierkes

John DiSimone

Melinda German

Nancy Hippert

Jane Kelly

Emil Kotschneff

Elisa Marino

Colleen Meakim

Marie O'Brien

Elaine Petrossian

John Shuter

Brenda Tribuiani


Distinguished Service Award

Individual Award - Elizabeth DiRita, Office of Facilities Management

Team Award - VQI Environmental Team: Erika Allen-Lynch, Environmental Health and Safety; Megan Armstrong, student; Miriam Blimm, OPTIR; April Boulton, Biology; Emily Brault, student; John Cacciola, Facilities Services; Jameson Chace, Biology; Donna Chadderton, Falvey Library; Robert Curry, Bology; Jessica Delisi, student; Ashish Desai, UNIT; Jonathan Doh, Management & Operations; Kelly Doyle, student;Christopher Driscoll, Arts and Sciences; Joseph Goessling, student; Keith Henderson, Political Science; Vikram Iyengar, Biology; William Kassel, Chemistry; John Kelley, OPTIR; Markus Kreuzer, Political Science; Richard Laudenslager, Recycling;Charles Lewis, MPA student; Paul Livingston, Philosophy; Christopher Meehan, student; Patricia Mynaugh, Nursing; Kevin O’Donnell, Ground Services; John Olson, Biology; Gerald Pierri, Civil and Environmental Engineering; Paul Rosier, History;Michael Russell, Biology; Rachel Schaller, UNIT; Rominder Suri, Civil and Environmental Engineering; Robert Traver, Civil and Environmental Engineering; Joyce Zavarich, Campus Ministry.

Work Process Improvement Award

November 2005

Team Award - John Bonass (UNIT), Sharon Dana (Wildcard Office), Kathy Gallagher (Wildcard Office)

June 2005

Team Award - Caryl Keet (UNIT), Barbara Romagnoli (Bursar's Office), Pamela Braxton (Registrar's Office), Jim Kane (Human Resources), Lisa Valosky (Human Resources), Jodi Kaelin (Human Resources), Mary Anne Curran (Human Resources)

April 2005

Team Award - Erika Allen-Lynch, Ric Laudenslager, Carol McMillin, Kevin O'Donnell, Joe Pilcicki, Clete Rickert, Bill Smith, Chris Townend



Above and Beyond Award

Health Center Nurses

Distinguished Service Award

Individual Award - Joan M. O'Brien, Office of Planning, Training & Institutional Research (OPTIR)

Team Award - Wireless Network Project Team: Robin M. Allen, UNIT – User Services; Steven Brady,College of Engineering, John L. Center, UNIT – Network and Communications, John H. Fowler, UNIT – Network and Communications, Adam M. Goldstein, UNIT – Network and Communications, William A. Henry, UNIT – User Support, Sean R. McNamara, UNIT – Network and Communications, Jill Morrison, UNIT – User Support, Matthew T. Morrissey, UNIT – Instructional Technology, Michael J. O’Neill, UNIT- Network and Communications, Jarrod J. Pietrobone, UNIT – Network and Communications, Alfred E. Sermons, UNIT – Network and Communications

Work Process Improvement Award

November 2004

Team Award - Kathy Byrnes, Kelly Donio, Michelle Evaul, Donald Godwin, Cathy McMahon, Paul Pugh, Ryan Rost, Marie Schauder

September 2004

Team Award - Nancy Dudak, Kelly Eastland and Chrissy Faistl

April 2004

Individual Award - Gene Louglin

March 2004

Team Award - Maura Ewing (UNIT), Dave Mullen (UNIT)



Distinguished Service Award

Individual Award - Joseph Pilcicki, Department of Biology

Team Award - VQI Community Committee: Beth Hassel, Campus Ministry; Carol Anthony, Peace and Justice; John Barthmaier, Custodial Services; Bernice Clary, Dining Services; Donald Godwin, Student Life Diversity Initiatives; Robin Hoose, Multicultural Affairs; Kris Huey,Human Resources; John Kelley, OPTIR; Mary Kay McCaughan Klara, Financial Assistance; Stephen McWilliams, International Students and Human Services; Donna Mulhern, Athletics; George Pinchok, Music Activities; Mary Quilter, Ethics Program;Nancy Sharts-Hopko, Nursing; Terry Sousa, Connelly Center; and Vincent Thomas,Residence Life.


Work Process Improvement Award

December 2003

Individual Award - Frances Pardini (Bursar's Office)

October 2003

Team Award -Alice Han (UNIT), Melissa Gerding (University Admission), Jean Kong (University Admission)

Individual Award - Bridget Bowers (Career Services)

March 2003

Team Award - Carolyn Arena (Public Safety), Kathy Liberato (Registrar's Office), Debbie Villano (Registrar's Office)



Distinguished Service Award

Individual Award - Noreen Cameron, Campus Ministry

Team Award - Homecoming Planning Committee: Christine Acchione, Amy Layman, Steve Cauterucci, Bety DiRita, Kevin O'Donnell, Mike McGuckin, Tim Dietzler, Jack McCausland, Bill Hale, Jeff Horton, Chris Lloyd, Carolyn Arena, Jim Belzer, Dave White, Maura McDaid, Tom Mogan, John Jeffery, Christine Faistl, Terry Sousa, Tony Alfano, Gary Bonas, Tom Malloy, Kathy Gallagher


Work Process Improvement Award

December 2002

Team Award - Elvia Beach, Robert DeVos, Christopher Driscoll, Mercedes Julia, Pat Garland, Rose Vesci (Classical and Modern Languages, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, Registrar's Office)


October 2002

Team Award - John Bonass, Sharon Dana, Kathy Gallagher (Wildcard Office)

September 2002

Team Award - Mary Clifford, Teri O'Brien, Nancy Rambo, Karen Wolfe (Office of Academic Affairs)


May 2002

Team Award - Paul Pugh (Dean of Students Office), Cathy McMahon (Dean of Students Office), Marybeth Avioli (UNIT), Will Pohlhaus (UNIT)


March 2002

Team Award - Marykay McCaughan, Cindy Pandolfo (Financial Assistance)

Team Award - Suzanne Allen (Part-Time Studies), Chuck Hoffman (Bursar's Office)



Distinguished Service Award

Individual Award - Ilene Lee, Athletics

Team Award - I-Payment Team: Tim Ay, UNIT, Executive Director's Office, Technical Director;Jennifer Brotherston, Registrar, Coordinator of Enrollment Management Information Systems; John Brzezicki, UNIT, Central Systems, Senior Systems Administrator; John Center, UNIT, Data Networks, Assistant Director; Marie E. Gargan, UNIT, Enterprise-Wide Systems, Programmer Analyst; Melissa D. Gerding, University Admission, Assistant Director; Susan Hill, UNIT, Assistant Director, Enterprise-Wide Systems; Charles Hoffman, Bursar; Sean McNamara, UNIT, Data Networks, Network Systems Administrator; Dorothy M. Mellon, Registrar, Manager of Enrollment Management Information; Clete Rickert, UNIT, Assistant Director, Database Administration and Imaging; Janice Sylvester, University Admission, Secretary; Marjorie Torchon,University Admission, Associate Director


Work Process Improvement Award

September 2001

Team Award - Stephen Magliocco, Bonnie Lee Behm (Financial Assistance)



Distinguished Service Award

Individual Award - Bernadette Dierkes, Falvey Library

Team Award - Villanova Experience Learning Community Team: Kathy Byrnes, Assistant Vice President for Student Life; Noreen Gravanese, Bursar's Office; Marie Schauder,Residence Life; Mary Lou Hill-Monaco, Core Humanities; Kathleen Rizzo, Residence Life; Rev. John Betoni, O.S.A., Office of the Registrar; Pam Braxton, Office of the Registrar; Cathy Connor, Registrar; Tim Dietzler, Dining Services; Jack Doody, Core Humanities; Joseph Law, Dining Services; Sean Quinn, '00

Work Process Improvement Award

April 2000

Team Award - Patti Rich, Patty Abdalla, Linda Murray, Farzin Irani (Multicultural Affairs Enhancement Team)


Distinguished Service Award

Individual Award - Joe McDonnell, Mendel Science Center

Team Award - Electronic Reserve Task Force: James L. Mullins, University Librarian and Director,Falvey Memorial Library; Daniel P. McGee, Assistant Director, Instructional Technologies,UNIT; Kathleen O'Connor, Systems Librarian, Falvey Memorial Library; Richard J. Perry, Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering; Evan Radcliffe,Associate Professor of English; Linda Saboe, Supervisor, Reserve Room, Falvey Memorial Library; Donna Shai, Associate Professor

Work Process Improvement Award

September 1999

Team Award - Judy Bonanno, Bernice Clay, Karen Tatarsky, Jeremy Mackay, Mary Jane Sally, Fred DiRenzo, Mike McGuckin, Kelly Spokus, Valeris Schmidt, Keeling Broughan, Catherine Almskog, Kristin Jamski and Tina Cellucci (Dining Services "Sensations Team")

July 1999

Team Award - Jim Krafcik (Alumni Affairs), Jean Monroe (UNIT)


April 1999

Team Award - Robb Williams, Aimee Orcutt, Jeff Pierce (Athletics - Sports Medicine)



Distinguished Service Award

Individual Award - Joan M. Lesovitz, UNIT

Team Award - UNIT Technical Support Team: Emil Kotschneff, Ken McKeown, Joseph Coffey, John Sullivan, Kevin Toth

Work Process Improvement Award

November 1998

Individual Award - Jennifer Brotherson (Registrar)

Team Award - Joan Canci, Terri D'Alesio (Dining Services)

March 1998

Individual Award - Mike Powers (Mail Services)

April 1998

Team Award - Suzanne Davidson, Gabe Liberatore, Jay Manzi, Jim McKee, Kevin O'Donnell, Rick Ovelman (Facilities Management)


Distinguished Service Award

Individual Award - Louise Green, Falvey Library

Team Award - Cross-Functional Project: Controller's Office, Facilities Services, Purchasing, Financial Affairs, Graphic Services, Athletics, Mail Services, Purchasing, Facilities Management - Sharon Bain, John Blair, Leo Dolan, Donald Friedman, Harry Gray, Rosemary Mazzotta, Michael Powers, Ellen Urben, James Zaleski

Work Process Improvement Award

October 1997

Team Award - University Shop and Alumni Affairs Staff

April 1997

Team Award - Brian Canavan, Residence Life; Nancy Dudak, Career Planning and Placement; Fr. Frank Farsaci, Residence Life; Jan Janosik, Center for Drug & Alcohol Education; Cathy McMahon, Office of the Vice President for Student Life; Meghan Mooney, Student Development; Ed Reilly, Counseling Center; Joanne Satiritz, Student Development; Brenda Stover, Career Planning & Placement; Will Seppi, Student (Student Life Unit Improvement Team)


Distinguished Service Award

Individual Award - Cathy Connor, Registrar's Office

Team Award - Facilities Management Grounds Team: Michael Bezdziecki, John Blair, John C. Bonas, John A. Cratin, Robert J. Dewees, Thomas A. Fleming, James J. Fondots, Chris Guaglione, Frederick E. Harris, Paul Hopkins, Claudia Kent, Gabriel Liberatore, John J. Manzi, Francis McGarvey, James McKee, Melvin Morrison, Richard Ovelman, Brian Rickers, Matt Schoff, Joseph Sireci, John Sperone, Michael Sullivan, Leonard Tiniakos, Michael Sullivan, Garrett C. Vail, Hugh A. Weldon