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In keeping with our vision to cultivate an environment in which Villanovans speak out to challenge gender-based assumptions and our commitment to leadership development, the McNulty Institute has established the Lorenzini Leadership Ambassador program.

About the Program

Ambassadors agree to promote and disseminate the work of the Institute, both in-person and through social or other media. They act as advocates for advancing women’s leadership on campus and in their communities by speaking out against inequities. To further their own leadership and professional development, ambassadors complete a Leadership Learning Experience, a social change project that addresses a root cause of gender inequity and advances the mission of the Institute. Ambassadors also engage in coaching and mentor relationships and have the opportunity to assist in the planning and execution of Institute initiative.

Within the program, we offer multiple leadership development opportunities to meet the needs for women's leadership development, as well as allyship skill development for those that do not identify as women.

  • Leadership Academy with tools to advocate for change
  • Networking and mentoring opportunities
  • A community of change agents
  • Personal and professional leadership development opportunities
  • Access to Institute events and programs
  • Attend The McNulty Institute's Leadership Academy
  • Complete the components of the Leadership Learning Experience and
  • Personalized Leadership Plan
  • Commit to promoting and disseminating the work of the Institute

The Ambassador position is open to all undergraduate and graduate students across the gender spectrum and from diverse identities, who are passionate about creating change and advancing women leaders. Preference will be given to individuals who can commit two years to the program.*
*Graduate students in one-year programs and/or completing their program within the year are still encouraged to apply.

Victoria Acosta ’24 VSB

Rhea Arya ’24 CLAS

Jennifer Attah-Gyamfi ’24 CLAS

Allison Bajada ’23 CLAS

Rose Baker ’25 CLAS

Amanda Beck ’24 FCN

Keely Bennett ’24 CLAS

Hailey Bierling ’25 CLAS

Jordan Borisuk ’25 VSB

Tamia Cerrate ’24 CLAS

Madeline Cerulli ’23 CLAS

Caroline Daly ’25 VSB

Anusha Dawson ’23 VSB

Ryan Dery ’23 CLAS

Mikayla Desaye ’23 CLAS

Kayla Di Paolo ’24 CWSL

Laila Ghabrial ’25 CLAS

Emily Harris ’23 MSHRD

Sarah Helstrom ’25 CLAS

Basia Holowenczak ’24 CLAS

Ava Katz ’23 CLAS

Julianna Kelly ’24 CLAS

Olivia Krause ’23 CLAS

Samantha Lee ‘24            

Sofia Lopez ’23 CLAS

Consuelo Maithya ’24 COE

Katherine Mayer ’23 CLAS

Karoline Menze ’23 COE

Nikki Merrill ’23 CLAS

Julia Micklo ’23 CLAS

Olivia Montanez ’23 CLAS

Mary Elizabeth Nacion ’23 CLAS

Kelechi Onuigbo ’23 VSB

Daniella Palladino ’24 CLAS

Sarah Pampalone ’24 COE

Jahnvi Patel ’24 CWSL

Ashley Petersen ’23 CLAS

Kaitlyn Pine ’25 VSB

Hanna Ramsburg ’25 FCN

Kate Redding ’24 CWSL

Katherine Reed ’23 CLAS

Elena Rouse ’23 CLAS

Madeline Scolio ’23 CLAS

Kathryn Scotto ’24 CLAS

Amitha Soundararajan ’25 CLAS

Destynee Speaks ’23 CWSL

Emma Stecher ’25 CLAS

Tara Suter ’24 CLAS

Morgan Torre ’23 CLAS

Mackenzie Weidel ’25 CLAS

Margaret Winston ’24 CLAS

Paige Zirrith ’23 CWSL

For specific questions about the position, please email Danielle Ross.

Anne Welsh McNulty Institute for Women's Leadership
Tolentine Hall, Suite 203
800 E. Lancaster Avenue
Villanova, PA 19085

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