“Keep adding, keep walking, keep advancing…”
St. Augustine


In 2024, Villanova launched a new 10-year Campus Master Plan. With input from students, faculty, staff and community partners, the plan is a collaborative vision and roadmap to help us continually align our physical campus to serve the goals outlined in our Strategic Plan, Rooted. Restless.

The overarching vision of the Campus Master Plan is to build on our existing strengths and create an environment that supports academic rigor and student success in all its forms. To achieve this vision, we are focusing our efforts on a few key goals and objectives. These include:

  • Enhancing Campus Entry, Arrival and Flow
  • Strengthening the Student-Centric Core of Campus
  • Bolstering the Quality and Quantity of Academic Spaces
  • Enriching Residential Communities and Student Spaces
  • Supporting and Enhancing Athletic Facilities
  • Defining Opportunities for Future Growth

The Campus Master Plan is just what it says it is: a plan; it is not a definitive and static document. In implementing the Campus Master Plan, we will take a thoughtful, measured approach and evolve it as needed to best serve the University. As with all campus construction projects, approvals, funding and sufficient parking all play a part—and the addition of the Cabrini campus brings new possibilities. But the plan is an exciting vision for Villanova’s campus and how we can meet the needs of our campus community—now and in the future—and serve generations of Villanovans to come.