The Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Shop (HVACR) is responsible for the maintenance and repair of all building heating and cooling systems. They provide for the routine inspection, care, and lubrication of all the HVACR equipment on campus. They also provide basic refrigeration service for dinning services. Direct Digital Controls/Building Automation and Controls (DDC/BAC) is responsible for the operation, calibration and maintenance of temperature controls for room comfort and special cooling systems.

If you want to make service request to this area, please use our Service Request System. For general inquiries regarding ongoing work or cost estimates, please contact our Work Control Center during regular business hours (7:30 am through 4:00 pm M-F).  Our supervisor for HVACR is Bob DelLange and DDC/BAC is: Steve DiValerio, Senior Mechanical Systems Manager.

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